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Erosion lesson

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Sand Pendulum

Abigail’s Whimsical Sand Pendulum

Growing Crystals in Eggs

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blow up a balloon without using your mouth

Yeast Balloon Science!

Chemistry Fun: Copper-plate a nail --What cool thing can you do with some old pennies & a nail?

Chemistry Fun: Copper-plate a nail - Kids Activities Blog

It's easy to see which ants have been sipping which coloured sugar water drops thanks to their transparent abdomens. Father of three Mohamed Babu set up these photographs after his wife, Shameem, showed him some ants that had turned white after sipping on some spilt milk. Dr Babu mixed sugar water with edible colours red, green, blue and yellow and placed them in his garden to attract the insects. He discovered the ants preferred lighter colours such as yellow and green...

Pictures of the day: 5 August 2011 - Telegraph
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    Robyn Macdonald-Ferguson

    Very interesting

Plant maze

Shoe-box Maze Experiment

The Magic of Gravity

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Clean Dirty Water with the Sun

Clean Dirty Water with the Sun

Keep Your Candy Cool with Physics

Keep Your Candy Cool with Physics

How Animals Stay Warm with Blubber

How Animals Stay Warm with Blubber

How do different liquids affect the growth of plants

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    Great idea! Where can we see the results?

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Why salt water stays warm longer than fresh water

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Acids and Bases in Baking

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Will it decay or will it stay?

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making fresh cut roses last longer

3rd Grade Science Projects | Good Science Project Ideas

grocery germs....what's on that cart handle?

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Which toothpaste works best? --uses white eggs soaked in liquids like Coca-Cola and different brands of toothpaste

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Music To My Heart: Ever wonder if different styles of music affect a person’s heart rate?

Music To My Heart

Science Fair Candy Ideas: plain candy vs. peanut candy, cooling candy with evaporation, expensive taste, candy vs. medicine

How to Grow Rock Candy Crystals for a Science Fair Project | eHow

experiment based on the warning on jello boxes not to use specific fruits

Hiebert Home Learning: Hiebert Science Fair

Can you tell the gender by looking at bare feet?

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Rusty Nails: Which liquid will rust a nail fastest?

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  • Chelsea Woodman
    Chelsea Woodman

    Is then any instructions to do this idea?

Science Project Ideas on Chewing Gum: How Will It Last, Bubble Sizes, How Far Will It Stretch, Does Gum Chewing Improve Math Scores

Science Project Ideas on Chewing Gum | eHow

Science Fair Projects About Chocolate Chip Cookies: Size Versus Bake Time, Recipe Tweaking, Cookie Dough Freshness

Science Fair Projects About Chocolate Chip Cookies | eHow