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Full Body Circuit. This iscan awesome alternative to not having a gym to go to. Perfect living room workout.

Core plus your upper back and shoulders? Place your heels against the bottom of a wall, bend forward, and position your hands shoulder-width apart on the floor. Walk your feet up the wall until your legs are parallel to the floor and your body forms a 90-degree angle (a); this works your upper back and shoulders. Raise your right leg to activate your core (b). Reverse to return to start. That's one rep. Do 10. #FitLiving

[FITNESS VIDEO ALERT] - Legs and Abs Circuit Workout!

This easy Skinny Orange Chicken recipe is full of the amazing flavor you love, but not all of the typical restaurant-style calories!

20-minute upper body workout.


Leah Flores So Pretty Throw Pillow

Body Rock! Try the 30 Day Challenge: only 7 to 12 minute workouts, 5 days a week: For those who are seriously trying to lose weight" I have 12 minutes!


how she do that there....or is this photoshopped...or am I hating...

550 Rep Fat Massacre I think I'm actually going to do this :)

12-15 min quick high intensity workouts.