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, im on the top! i love to dream like "rachel berry" -AKA me! Im Rachel berry in so many way's, im exactly like her!

“Glee will always be apart of me. It's taught me so much and I'm not ready for it to be over  #GleeGoodBye ”

Thank you Glee on

YES OMG! Glee Girls 4ever! (Mercedes, Santana, Rachel, Britney)

So true- the Glee girls are awesome singers


10 Glee Pins to check out

You wanna be a loser like me!!

Loser like me - This edit tells perfectly why I love Glee so much. This is still my favorite song


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"You may laugh because every time i sign my name I put a gold star after it, but my gold stars are a metaphor, and metaphors are important! My gold stars are a metaphor for ME being a star!" - My favorite quote ever, when i'm channeling Rachel Berry

Totally me even tho i don't have any gold stars

#Glee - Finn Hudson

The Power of Finn. we miss you big guy!


Glee: Quinn and Puck

R.I.P Cory Monteith #prayforlea "Hold on to that feeling..."

P Cory Monteith "Hold on to that feeling.