Elvis Presley

Elvis Presley started the duck face and rock and roll! Amazing all the way around! Even Elvis has a selfie!


Sir Ian McKellen and Sir Patrick Stewart - photo shoot outtake by Andy Gotts aaaaahhh I love these two soooo freakin much

Benedict Cumberbatch

Benedict Cumberbatch - apparently they photograph all extremely handsome british men in this coat!

jessica lange

Jessica Lange - more beautiful than most young women nowadays in this very basic house dress and NO PHOTOSHOP. On the set of The Postman Always Rings Twice.

David Tennant

I like Doctor Who. Love it. It is my way of feeling good and happy (and sometimes sad) but it is one thing that brings me joy and makes me forget about crap that is going on sometimes. I'm a Whovian and I am proud of it