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Tips to Keep Hydrangea Flowers Blooming

Tips to Keep Hydrangea Flowers Blooming Share the Love. Tips to Keep Hydrangea Flowers Blooming I have a few Tips to Keep Hydrangea F.

Veggie Garden

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Gorgeous Hollyhocks, when growing up we had all colors of these behind the zinnias

°cottage garden° HOLLYHOCK A biennial or short lived perennial, flower gardeners enjoy growing hollyhocks in borders or against walls where the striking flowers stand above all else.


hydrangea and wisteria - both have varied flower colors. Both are also seen in Old Southern landscapes. Hydrangea like rich damp soil with filtered sun. Wisteria will seek out light and do well in full sun.

pink climbing roses and clematis...

Clematis Combinations

Beautiful pink climbing Rose and lavender Clematis blooming at the same time on a lattice support. ~ I already have an established white clematis climbing up the east side of our home. I'll now add a colorful climbing rose. Won't it be lovely!

Crassula Morgan's Beauty succulent plant

Crassula Morgan's Beauty succulent plant- succulents and cacti have some of the most beautiful flowers in this world.


bird house cobalt blue glass sugar bowl with lid and a glass candle stick . instant bird feeder Bird houses Pretty Bird Feeder DIY for Spr.

pink tricycle planter

DIY Ideas for Your Garden - Pink Tricycle Planter - Cool Projects for Spring and Summer Gardening - Planters, Rocks, Markers and Handmade Decor for Outdoor Gardens - Gardening Living

It is a type of Orchid Cactus (Epiphyllum), called "German Empress" or "Deutsche Kaiserin".

Help me identify this beautiful plant. I would also like to know where

Type of orchid cactus. Named "German Empress". This is beautiful I've never seen cascading flowers on a cactus like this.


Espalier - awesome design and functional - just got an idea for the fruit trees I have no room for :) Never thought to take espalier taller then fence/arbor, etc.