Pinterest Etiquette

Pinterest Etiquette

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8 Rules of Pinterest Etiquette

8 rules of Pinterest etiquette
  • Edith Fay Metzger
    Edith Fay Metzger

    To all on Pinterest,,,, I am very sorry for my pining,I am a Bernie, an did not think at all how this works, and I am Stell learning, I Stella don't know all of it yet, like how to get pic, of my Owen, but I well learn,, and agent, o sorry, edit Fay Metzger

Pinning Is Good

Pin It Friday - Pinning Is Good - Pinterest Linky

Proper "Pintiquette" - 5 Tips Every Pinterest User Should Know

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  • Sarah Humphrey
    Sarah Humphrey

    The link is broken! (a don't of pinterest lol)

  • J Caponi
    J Caponi

    It seems to be fixed now


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  • Quiet! ~The Pin Head!~
    Quiet! ~The Pin Head!~

    Bozena Fox ...and thank you for sharing beautiful pins with us! ((hugs)) We're Happy Pinlings!

  • Bozena Fox
    Bozena Fox

    Totally Agree!!

  • Quiet! ~The Pin Head!~
    Quiet! ~The Pin Head!~

    ((hugs)) Have a Pintastic day!

  • RasaTiaraLove

    When I wrote about nudity no one in administration cared, researched, responded or stood up to the pinner.

  • Quiet! ~The Pin Head!~
    Quiet! ~The Pin Head!~

    I understand your frustration. It took 2 weeks of submitting trouble tickets on a daily basis before Pinterest implemented filters and they revamped their customer service response dept as well. Now when I contact them, I typically receive a response within 48 hours. Hang in there!

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Tips to keep in mind

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What Not To Do On Pinterest - Tips to ensure you are pinning correctly and professionally

What Not To Do On Pinterest - Write On Track
  • Marya

    Absolutely, though those are usually easy to spot, since those kinds of boards are often following thousands of pinners, pinning tons every day. Unfortunately it's the users like those who posted above that usually get swatted for "board raiding" when it's simply that they're new. So much could be improved if people were kinder instead of embarrassing users who might just lack experience.

  • D e c o     W o r l d
    D e c o W o r l d

    I believe it could simply be resolved if pinterest would allow board owners to pre set how many can be pinned from each of their boards per unique visitor each day. No more paranoid pinners and owners, everyone's happy.

  • Marya

    That might be worth suggesting! I get the sense that they do read suggestions.

  • Eleniel

    A rose by any other name...I don't know if anyone else has noticed, but since yesterday, my pins are no longer being "pinned" by other members, they're apparently being "saved" instead, LOL!

  • Marya

    That is FUNNY! LOL

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Pin Etiquette

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5 things not to repin on Pinterest - You could be pinning spam! Everyone should read this if you are re-pinning!!!

5 Things Not to Re-Pin on Pinterest

Pinterest Etiquette: 13 Tips to Pin By

Pinterest Etiquette: 13 Tips to Pin By - Heidi Cohen