This is purest white & the simple beauty of such a clean colour. It embodies the conflict between sweet innocence & a more sinister iciness. Its Virgin meets Ice Queen. Its crisp, cold austerity meets soft, clean comfort. Its also the delicate whimsy of texture on its milkiness & the play of light that creates every shade of cream & grey and illuminates the colour of light to its best advantage. It's vanilla, chalk, milk, cream, snow, bleached coral bone, platinum & porcelain.
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Look for these at Lighthouse beach on teh high tide line. Angulate Wentletrap shells This shell always reminded me of a unicorn's horn. These are my favorite shells to find on Sanibel,


Shalom Harlow in Alexander McQueen Fall/Winter photo by Sofia Sanchez & Mauro Mongiello


Have a color party with all white decorations. Then decorate balloons with markers, decorate white frosted cookies or cupcakes, paint a teacup or fugurine to take home, etc.Could do the same with black & white.

Smoking Club typeface on the Behance Network

Facel Smoking club typeface by Rodrigo Aguadé and Manuel Astorga. Both work for a design studio in Madrid, Spain. Interesting how monumental type could appear without a colour just on white.

Nyctea scandiaka, 2013. Photo © Katerina Kaloudi.

The Magnified Beauty of Fauna by Katerina Kaloudi

blanc white bianco 白 belyj gwyn color texture form Nyctea scandiaka, Photo © Katerina Kaloudi.

Noriko Kuresumi, Sea of Memory (photo Shin Ono)

White ceramic sculpture clay Noriko Kuresumi, Sea of Memory (photo Shin Ono) - wall mural idea

Frost on window; photo by Wendy Thomas

Frost on a single pane window - beautiful natural patterns created by the weather