Birthday morning - balloon avalanche once they open the door on the other side!!

Funny pictures about Birthday Morning Balloon Avalanche. Oh, and cool pics about Birthday Morning Balloon Avalanche. Also, Birthday Morning Balloon Avalanche.

Ok. This is a great idea!  Gonna try it someday!

After the kiddos are done their regular chores they can pick a "work for hire" job to get money. so while I like this idea, the jobs listed ARE my kids regular chores.

Parenting done right

Awesome technique for grounding the kids. Make them earn points to be ungrounded.points awarded with chores!

Cute idea

I wonder if my cute little freshmen would let me take "first day of high school" pictures? I could pose them against the brick wall at school and upload the pix and let them add all the data?

Graduation T-Shirt.

Graduation Win…

Starting in Kindergarten, put the child's graduation year on a large tshirt. Take a picture each year with same shirt to watch the child grow into the shirt. Display at graduation girl boy kid Baby kid

Awesome Kid's Activities at

Kid Activities and Crafts

Peel your kids away from the television and have fun with these boredom busters. Perfect summer actives for kids.

Movie night snack necklaces! Let the kids each make their own before the movie.

Edible Candy Necklace

Snack necklaces: Let each birthday party guest make his or her own. Would work great for a movie theme or movie night but could be ideal for many other themes as well, such as bake or sweet shoppe, Candyland, and more.

Tons of Rainbow Loom Bracelet Tutorials

Lots of Rainbow Loom Bracelet Tutorials in one place! Just bought one of these rainbow looms for Christmas!