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Something you did not expect would be that it would be able to benefit your pets, as a pet monitoring camera.

Doggie Dreads

This looks like a bad hair day to me! Looks like Chi-Dreds. Amy, Lexie needs to try on some wigs to go with her different outfits.

Secret Squirrel

Give the squirrel a name and make up an interesting story about him/her. If you were writing a story about an animal super hero, what animal would it be and what would be his super power or powers. Tell a story about your animal super hero.

Have You Seen This Man? Orange County police departments are investigating similar daytime burglaries. #funny #dog

The 23 Most Boxer Things That Have Ever Happened In The History Of Boxers

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as a husky, i'm used to being buried in frost Condescending Literary Pun Dog

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Joke: A wife went to the police station with her next-door neighbor to report that her husband was missing. The policeman asked for a description .

Pucker up!

An eight-year-old Beluga whale called Juno puckers up at the Mystic Aquarium, in Connecticut, America. The kissing whale was snapped by photographer Nicole Perkins.