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Inferences Chart - Write the important details and facts in the boxes on the left. Then write inferences about those important details in the boxes on the right

Making Inferences Chart

Inferences Minilesson - Garbage Bag Inferences

Shop News - Inferences Minilesson - Garbage Bag Inferences

My CT uses these posters a lot when the kids are writing about their reading during reading workshop. They do base their writing on these inferences their drawing from the text they're reading about. They're offered to make predictions, as well as suggest wonderings with these starters.

Inferring From Photo Prompts

INFERENCE PICTURES~ These ads are amazing! A lot of them could be used with students when working with inference. This ad is for a sugar-free lollipop.

27 Incredibly Creative Print Ads You'll Love

Reminds me of an anchor lesson from Comprehension Connections.

Life in 4B...: inferring

Inferring - Teachers can use this idea to teach poetry. This worksheet can help students understand poems better and teach the concept of inferring. When reading the poem students can use imagery to help them think about what the poem is about and then write them down next to the poem.

Jennifer's Teaching Tools: Inferring With Poetry


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Inferring Craftivity with Written Clues: Who's That Knocking at My Door? $

Inferring Craftivity: Who's That Knocking at My Door?

Inference activities

Introducing Inference | Books | eSpecial Needs

Inference activity

All About Inferences! - The Resource(ful) Room!

MAKING INFERENCES USING PICTURES~ Students who struggle with text have difficulty getting a complete “picture” of what’s going on. One way to simplify instruction is to teach inferences using only picture clues. Pictures can be decoded more quickly and are accessible to all readers. Includes 14 worksheets and 2 assessments. Great introduction and practice making inferences! $

Making Inferences Using Pictures

Objectives: Students will make inferences about events using pictures and text provided along with the connecting with the experiences from their own lives. Stopping points: p.6 How do you think the girl feels with the sound in the attic? p. 12 what would you wear and bring to catch a nightmare? p. 14 what do you think she'll find up there? end: how would you try to get the teddy bear back from the nightmare if it took it from you?

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Inference Writing Center from Teachers Take Out on - (14 pages) - Inference Writing Center is intended to do two things: Make Inferences and Write in Complete Sentences.

Inference Writing Center from Teachers Take Out on (14 pages)

Minds in Bloom: Making Inferences

Making Inferences | Minds in Bloom

Here are some terrific tips for teaching inference. There are some good ideas for differentiating as the author starts from very basic and goes through to advanced.

5 Tips for Practicing Inferencing

We will also be watching a video reading of Brave Irene and practicing our inferring skills. I love this book book because my students can infer the setting, season, and also vocabulary.

Welcome to The Schroeder Page!

The Most Surprising Photos of 2013-Have students infer what is happening: Webbs Depth of Knowledge level 3: ccss

The Most Surprising Photos of 2013 |

If you’re looking for an engaging way to help students learn how to make inferences, then you’re going to love this Learning Ladder resource. This resource includes 5 interactive activities to help students learn how to make inferences while reading. A Learning Ladder is an instructional model that is incredibly engaging and extremely educational.

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Inference Task Cards - Great Resource!


Context Clues: anchor chart, matching activity, and supplies to make your own! FREE!

Context Clues Anchor Charts

Making Inferences with Pete the Cat and His Magic Sunglasses

Making Inferences with Pete the Cat and His Magic Sunglasses

Squeezing in Test Prep | Minds in Bloom

Squeezing in Test Prep | Minds in Bloom

Making Inferences/Drawing Conclusions Graphic Organizer - FREE item from my TPT store, enjoy!!!

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I need to try this! Comprehension and inference making activity.

Speech Room News: Grab your shopping ads!

This is a quick intro lesson to begin teaching students about inferring. It starts with teaching students about schema and then moves into what is an inference and how to use schema to infer. It includes visuals, simulations, worksheets, create your own worksheets, and fun themes for students.

Intro to inference