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Inspector Inference

10 free printable speech therapy inference cards for kids with autism and/or hyperlexia from And Next Comes L

Free Printable Speech Inference Cards - Pack #5


Inferring - QR Listening Center and Work Mats

FREE LANGUAGE ARTS LESSON – “Drawing Inferences Printable Bookmarks and Worksheet” - Go to The Best of Teacher Entrepreneurs for this and hundreds of free lessons. 3rd - 6th Grade #FreeLesson #LanguageArts

FREE LANGUAGE ARTS LESSON – “Drawing Inferences Printable Bookmarks and Worksheet”

Good for making Inferences

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Thinking Deep with Inferencing - Love this inference activity - Deep Thinking Thursday. This post is a step-by-step guide for doing this with your students!

Thinking Deep with Inferencing

Short wordless film. Good to work on emotions, inference, intentions, and re-tell.

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Who Did It? #Free #Printable Guessing Game And Crime Solving Worksheets | Miniature Masterminds

Who Did It? #Free #Printable Guessing Game And Crime Solving Worksheets

Glue in picture, then infer in the Y. Great activity!

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Free! Inference Finder

Inference Finder

Inference : Learn how to make inferences in a FUN way! Read the passages and use higher order thinking skills to discover who is in the "mystery" pictures!Change the hard task of making inferences into a game!The "Who is in the Mystery Picture?" product is a great way to practice some very important skills in reading:infer information that is not explicitly stated in the text and identify the clues in the text that helped you make the inference.The product contains 50 pages that help you te....


Show and Infer. Rather than show and tell, have students bring in a few items that tell about themselves. The items should be in a paper bag or trash bag, something the other children can't see through. The teacher takes one bag at a time, bringing out the items and the class uses them as "clues" to figure out who brought in the items. This teaches children to use what they know about their classmates to guess.

Making Inferences

Inferring Graphic Organizer- "It Says, I Say and So" Inferring is a high level skill that many students struggle with, but alas it is one important piece of the comprehension puzzle. With this graphic organizer, students are encouraged to write down information from the text ("It Says"), what they think ("I Say"), and then make an inference ("And So"). Great way to make this difficult work more concrete and eventually innate.

Inferring Graphic Organizer- "It Says, I Say and So"

Buzzing with Ms. B: Making Inferences: Scaffolding the Strategy Whole-Class and Small Group

Making Inferences: Scaffolding the Strategy Whole-Class and Small Group

Fun with Inference Worksheets

Reading Worksheets | Inference Worksheets

Here's a lesson where students develop inferences about people and societies based on evidence found in artifacts ranging from petroglyphs to everyday classroom scraps.

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making inferences with picture clues


Reading Passages That Build Comprehension: Inference

Reading Passages That Build Comprehension: Inference

Mariza (The Stubborn Donkey) - Inferencing and perspective taking

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This is a great worksheet for students to complete after discussing qualitative and quantitative observations as well as inferences. I made this side by side so students could put this in their interactive notebooks. I hope you enjoy!

Qualitative & Quantitative Observation/Inference Worksheet

25 INFERENCE TASK CARDS - Use for literacy centers, test prep or bell ringers - Fulfills common core standards R.L.1 - Perfect for differentiated materials #inference #taskcards #teachlikeachampion #readingstrategies #noprep #tpt


Where Am I? Making Inferences Game!

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Free! Kid's Detectives: Inference !

Kid Detectives: Inferences Level 1

Free! Inference Riddles....task cards

Inference Riddles - Task Cards

FREEBIE! Explicit Meaning -- Inference -- Textual Evidence (Level One). This generic graphic organizer format simplifies your students' thinking processes required by RL1 - analyzing the explicit and inferred meanings of a text and providing textual evidence for support.

Explicit and Inferred Meanings Graphic Organizer for Reading Passages