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    Teaching Factors & Multiples

    Teaching Factors & Multiples

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    Greatest Common Factor Square Puzzle Set 4 Pack by NerdintheBrain, $2.49

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    Greatest Common Factor & Least Common Multiple Poster

    Greatest Common Factor & Least Common Multiple Poster

    Least common multiple activity ...students used a "multiple mountain" to find the LCM. They chose their own numbers and listed the first seven multiples of each number. If they didn't find the LCM, they used prime factorization on the trees at the base of their mountains. (picture only)

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    The Factor Game! Blog post about a great game to help students think about factors and about strategy.

    Middle School Math Moments (and more!): The Factor Game!

    differentiated practice for prime factorizaion / factor trees - If all prime factors are shaded or colored correctly, the "GridWord" appears (clap, hop, etc.) and the student can act it out or record it for the teacher to quickly check for accuracy.

    GridWords Challenge: Prime Factorization / Factor Trees

    Prime Factorization Practice - perfect to use as a math center. Answer key included.

    Prime Factorization Practice

    great lesson for prime factorization

    Runde's Room: Fun with Factoring

    Finding Factors Freebie from rileymehringer on - (7 pages) - Three worksheets designed to help students who are beginning to find factors. Correct number of blanks are given; students must choose which facts belong to the number listed. Also allows student to choose whether the number is prime or composite.

    Finding Factors Freebie | - Prime factors Worksheet - Prime factors Worksheet

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    Greatest Common Factors and Least Common Multiple

    GCF and LCM Foldable. Simplifying Radicals.

    Simplifying Radicals: GCF and LCM Foldable

    prime factorization anchor chart...factor tree method. KNew this in elementary school and now can't remember for college, handy

    Sosa, Emily - Fifth Grade / Anchor Charts

    FREE Least Common Multiple Chart!Learning how to find the Least Common Multiple can be challenging for some students. This chart is very helpful for learning how to find the Least Common Multiple. If your students need more practice to find the Least Common Multiple try Least Common Multiple War and Task Cards- a fun and engaging way to practice finding the LCM.Least Common Multiple War* I have over 40 FREE products.

    FREE Least Common Multiple Chart!

    Literacy & Math Ideas: Free Factors and Multiples Game

    Literacy & Math Ideas: Free Factors and Multiples Game

    Least Common Multiple ~ Scoot ~ Task Cards with Answer Keys

    Least Common Multiple ~ Scoot ~ Task Cards with Answer Keys

    Least Common Multiple Dice Game

    Least Common Multiple Dice Game

    A super-fun way to practice with least common multiple! Students can only win Least Common Multiple Rummy by identifying and playing least common multiple sets and running out of cards. A little luck, a little strategy, and a lot of least common multiple practice make this game awesome. :)Game includes 72 cards and instructions.More great things will be coming from Nerd in the Brain soon!

    Least Common Multiple Rummy

    This interactive Jeopardy style review game can be used to review factors, multiples, prime/composite, greatest common factor (GCF), and least common multiple (LCM). This is a perfect review for 5th or 6th grade students! I have used this game many times with my students, and they love it!

    Factors and Multiples (GCF and LCM) Powerpoint Review Game Show!

    Download this handy prime factorization graphic organizer to help your students! ~Bon

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    Prime Numbers poster

    La Covacha Matemática: July 2011

    Factors 1, free 4th grade math sheet

    4th Grade Math Practice Multiples, Factors and Inequalities

    Prime Factors: Prime Numbers, Composite Numbers, and Prime Factorization from Math From My Angle on - (17 pages) - This file contains printables, anchor charts, and information for prime numbers, composite numbers, and finding the prime factorization of numbers.

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    Help students factor with factor rainbows | Search Results | Teacher Blog Spot

    factor rainbows | Search Results | Teacher Blog Spot

    As a matter of Factor, this is a very fun, comprehensive lesson bundle that completely covers the 4th grade CCSS for Gaining Familiarity with Factors and Multiples from 1 to 100 – 4.OA.B.4 (and prime and composite numbers). This lesson is optimal for reinforcing multiplication and division facts. Mike's Math Mall - $

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    Worksheets: Prime Factorization

    Prime Factorization