All Things Upper Elementary: Guest Post Middle School Math Moments: Learning to Love Prime Factorization

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Proper Factor: any of the factors of a number, except the number itself and 1. Proper factors of 12: 2,3,4,6; Factors of 12: 1,2,3,4,6,12)

Friendship Bracelets--Teaching Factors to Middle School Kids--A Hands-on Approach

LCM and GCF Puzzle - a great activity for math centers to have students practice finding the LCM and GCF. |

LCM and GCF Puzzle

GCF and LCM Board Game

Chess Sets

Math bingo boards for learning GCF and LCM

Math-o: Finding LCM and GCF

LCM (least common multiple) Interactive Notebook Pages

LCM Least Common Multiple Interactive Notebook

GCF and LCM Color and Solve Differentiated No Prep ActivitiesLooking for a fun and engaging, no prep activity to get your students practicing GCF and LCM?! Check out these color and solve activities! Each page includes 7 practice problems. Once students find their answers, they are directed to color each part of the picture a different color.

GCF and LCM Color and Solve Differentiated No Prep Activities

Fun and engaging GCF activities to reach all learners. Stations, games and task cards!

To the Square Inch- Kate Bing Coners

LCM and GCF scavenger hunt! Great activity to review LCM and GCF while getting students moving around the classroom!

LCM and GCF Scavenger Hunt

Find Someone Who (LCM/GCF) Upper Grades

Find Someone Who LCM and GCF

Mrs. White's 6th Grade Math Blog: The L method for finding GCF and LCM

Mrs. White's 6th Grade Math Blog: January 2014

How to use the "cake method" to find the GCF and LCM of 2 numbers

Finding the GCF and LCM using the Cake Method

Factors, Multiples, and GCF Oh My! Task Cards from mindbuilder on (27 pages)

Factors, Multiples, and GCF Oh My! Task Cards from mindbuilder on (27 pages)

Factor Rainbows FREEBIE & Bundle | FlapJack Educational Resources | Bloglovin’

Factor Rainbows FREEBIE & Bundle (FlapJack Educational Resources)

Greatest Common Factor Square Puzzle Set 4 Pack by NerdintheBrain, $2.49

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Greatest Common Factor & Least Common Multiple Poster $

Greatest Common Factor & Least Common Multiple Poster

Least common multiple activity ...students used a "multiple mountain" to find the LCM. They chose their own numbers and listed the first seven multiples of each number. If they didn't find the LCM, they used prime factorization on the trees at the base of their mountains. (picture only)

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The Factor Game! Blog post about a great game to help students think about factors and about strategy.

Middle School Math Moments (and more!): The Factor Game!

differentiated practice for prime factorizaion / factor trees - If all prime factors are shaded or colored correctly, the "GridWord" appears (clap, hop, etc.) and the student can act it out or record it for the teacher to quickly check for accuracy.

GridWords Challenge: Prime Factorization / Factor Trees

Prime Factorization Practice - perfect to use as a math center. Answer key included.

Prime Factorization Practice

great lesson for prime factorization

Runde's Room: Fun with Factoring

Finding Factors Freebie from rileymehringer on - (7 pages) - Three worksheets designed to help students who are beginning to find factors. Correct number of blanks are given; students must choose which facts belong to the number listed. Also allows student to choose whether the number is prime or composite.

Finding Factors Freebie | - Prime factors Worksheet - Prime factors Worksheet

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Greatest Common Factors and Least Common Multiple

GCF and LCM Foldable. Simplifying Radicals.

Simplifying Radicals: GCF and LCM Foldable