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Teaching Factors & Multiples

Here's a very cool mini-book on GCF and LCM. Find folding directions at: home.centurytel.n...

Love this anchor chart for prime and composite numbers!

Here's a graphic organizer to help students learn the procedure for prime factorization.

Here's a FABULOUS idea for making prime factorization trees.

Here's a great idea for creating prime factorization monsters.

Here's a nice reference sheet outlining 3 different ways to find GCF.

Here's a foldable for how to find the GCF using T-charts.

Here's a game for kids to gain familiarity with factors and multiples.

Here's a foldable template on factors and multiples.

Here's an activity where students use a 100 board to find multiples and factors of numbers.

Here's a great graphic organizer to help students factor numbers 1 - 100. These can be used to teach prime/composite, odd/even, divisibility rules, skip counting, compatible numbers, factors, multiplies, GCF, simplifying fractions, and more. Link to free download included.

Interactive Bulletin Boards - Factoring

Young Teacher Love: Alternative assessment for a quick check: Factors and Multiples

MissMathDork: middle school math made FUN!: The incredible Lapbook resource

Math Manipulatives - Find the prime factorization of numbers by completing factor trees. Then use a venn diagram to sort the prime factors. Multiply numbers in the intersection to find the greatest common factor. Multiply all of the numbers in the venn diagram to find the least common multiple.

▶ Multiples and Factors Song: ADAM UP - Maths Adventures - YouTube

Blog post about making factors understandable AND fun with a cool game.

Factors and multiples quick check idea! Great for formative assessments!

Use a T-chart for students to compile factors.

GCF and LCM factors anchor chart

Number sense factors

Anchor chart to scaffold FACTORS. Math Grade 4. Factor Ninja.

Slice composite numbers into prime numbers.

factors & multiples mini book