idiom pics! This could be turned into a fun lesson.

Knuckle Sandwich - Worth1000 Contests

Whole group and small group/centers game - easy to print and leave for a sub or use for review - Cupcakes & Curriculum


All you need to teach Idioms! Includes a handout, worksheets and a 20 page mini booklet for fun idiom practice.

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IDIOMS: Color My World Green is a PowerPoint Show of 11 idioms using ‘GREEN’. Each idiom is presented on its own slide with the meaning, a picture, and 1 or 2 examples of the idiomatic expression in a sentence. At the end of the presentation there are 5 standards based questions using ‘GREEN’ as an idiom. Generally, a class presentation takes about 40-45 minutes, especially if you have the students write the idioms and their meanings. 11 idioms-- 48 slides--

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Idiom of the Week FREE SAMPLE

Idiom of the Week FREE SAMPLE

Idioms Worksheet Intermediate

Figures of Speech Worksheets

This FREEBIE has been created by Kristine Lamb @ activity includes 48 cards. Students take turns choosing cards and explaining what the idioms mean. If a student draws a "superpower" card, he/she earns an extra turn!Please leave feedback if you download =)

Name that idiom!

A list of resources for teaching children about idioms including an idiom dictionary, games, cartoons and a reading suggestion. #homeschool

Resources for Teaching Children About Idioms - Five J's Homeschool

Free! Here's a list of idioms grouped by 6 and left it in a docx.for edits

Common Idioms

Free! Temperature Themed Idioms (lion/lamb theme)

Temperature Themed Idioms FREEBIE (Lion/Lamb theme) Speech Language Therapy

Free! Circus Idioms!

Circus Idioms Freebie!

Free! Out of This World Idioms

Out of This World Idioms

Drama circle for figurative language? Yes, please! Students will love acting out these idioms!

Idioms Drama Circle - Defining Idioms Worksheet

Defining Idioms Worksheet - Defining Idioms (3) Worksheet

Defining Idioms (3) Worksheet

"Old school" "do the math" Idioms about school and education appear frequently in English. This comical play gives students repeated exposure to eight of them.

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Demonstrate what an idiom is and have your kids create out-of-this-world illustrations based on common expressions.

Idiom Illustrations on

These fun figurative language posters are sure to make your students giggle!

Figurative Language Posters & More!

Here is a flipchart to use with ActivInspire to have your kids participate to a classroom activity about food idioms! To see a preview of this flipchart, follow this link: or visit for more details!

Food Idioms Flipchart

People Idioms

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This I Have . . . Who Has . . ? game is a great way to review idioms. Each question features one idiom used in context. I Have . . .Who Has . . ? is an interactive activity in which every student in the class participates. The game consists of 28 question cards, plus 4 blank cards, so that you can write in your own questions if you wish. The cards are arranged 4 to a page, and directions and an answer key are included. $

I Have . . .Who Has . . ? Idioms

This is a PowerPoint interactive game where students will learn common idioms in a fun way. It includes about 20 common sayings with their meanings. The PPT also gives the answers after the user clicks on their choices. This unit also includes an interactive response sheet where each student can cut and glue into their notebooks to easily refer back and recall the information! $ ESL World

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Idioms: Cards and Student Booklets from WingedOne on - (23 pages) - Idiom Cards and Student Booklets

Idioms: Cards and Student Booklets |

Idiom Posters from NylasCraftyTeaching on - (30 pages) - Idiom Posters with illustrated definitions and examples

Idiom Posters from NylasCraftyTeaching on (30 pages)