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    Katy Perry PRISM Collection

    Katy Perry has designed and curated her very own accessory line! The #KatyPerryPRISMCollection is exclusively available here:

    Katy Perry PRISM Collection

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    Katy Perry Smiley Face and Peace Sign Convertible Backpack

    Stand up and ROAR with confidence in this Limited Edition Swarovski Crystal Katy Perry Roar Bracelet!

    • Bubblegum ♡
      Bubblegum ♡

      This is so cute!!!!!

    • Rose Morgan
      Rose Morgan

      Aww I want it

    • Cheerleader Emma
      Cheerleader Emma

      @Rose Morgon same

    Inspired by the "This Is How We Do" video! Katy Perry Junk Food Cosmetics Bag

    • Jana Ramos
      Jana Ramos

      I have this, and love it!

    Limited edition football jewelry set - Designed for Katy by Claire's in honor of her performance at the Big Game. Sparkly drop earrings and chunky chain necklace

    Junk Food for days. Eat UR Heart Out!

    • Kate Ziegler
      Kate Ziegler

      It's so cute!👍🍔🍟🍕

    All your favorite junk food snacks in cute accessories #EatURheartOut

    Take your snacks with you, katycats!

    Make your look POP!

    • Cheerleader Emma
      Cheerleader Emma

      What is it?

    Eat Ur Heart Out! Hamburger Sunglasses from #KatyPerryPRISMCollection

    4 Katycat essentials in one set!

    Because taking life too seriously isn't all that fun! #KatyPerryPRISMCollection

    This gold spike cuff bracelet from the #KatyPerryPRISMCollection is perfect for starting the new year off in style!

    Katy's gone PURPLE! Do you love it?

    • _ThatGirlLauren_

      Yes!! She looks amazing :3

    • joanna zanetti
      joanna zanetti


    • joanna zanetti
      joanna zanetti


    • Lotje Vereecken
      Lotje Vereecken

      ya duh

    • Cheerleader Emma
      Cheerleader Emma

      not yes its yasssssss

    Katy Perry's 12 Gifts from the #KatyPerryPRISMCollection

    Stand out this winter with Swarovski crystals sparkling along your ear #KatyPerryPRISMCollection

    A perfect gift for the katycat in your life. Royal Revolution perfume smells amazing! #KatyPerryPRISMCollection

    • Rose Morgan
      Rose Morgan

      I got that for my birthday💛💛💛😛😛

    Perfect for the holidays! This shimmering Prism ornament will add some #KatyCat chic to your tree #KatyPerryPRISMCollection

    She can seriously pull off anything!

    • claraBEAR Whitney
      claraBEAR Whitney

      This is Katy's way of say haters back off I can be me.@luaracraccio offence kind of taken. P.S I'm not trying to sound mean please don't think that of me. #katycats

    The perfect key companion for every #KatyCat! #KatyPerryPRISMCollection

    These gold studded earrings with prism logo define the #KatyPerryPRISMCollection!

    You're gonna hear us #katycats ROAR at the Super Bowl!

    The perfect gift for the #katycat you ♥!

    • Vanessa Skellington
      Vanessa Skellington

      I love this!

    Show your Katy Cat pride with this chic 'ROAR' bracelet encrusted with Swarovski crystals #KatyPerryPRISMCollection

    What if #KatyPerry climbed down your chimney? *faints*

    • Teressa Allen
      Teressa Allen

      I'd spray her with a fire hydrant.

    • Alyese Hill
      Alyese Hill

      Id cry and keep her over my house

    Rocking this iridescent oversized ring is like having a crystal ball right on your finger.