Pintasaurus by Field Station: Dinosaurs

Pintasaurus by Field Station: Dinosaurs

Secaucus, NJ / We are a thrilling dinosaur expedition featuring 31 life-sized animatronic dinosaurs. Experience Jurassic Jersey! Buy tickets on-line and save. www.fieldstat
Pintasaurus by Field Station: Dinosaurs
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Mary Anning - princess of paleontology

Sybil Ludington, teenage patriot and Revolutionary War hero who rode twice the distance of Paul Revere in a single night to muster her father's militia.

Sternberg children A photograph of Levi Sternberg, Charles Mortram Sternberg, and Ethel Sternberg, standing behind a large fossilized dinosaur skull. The Sternberg Museum of Natural History in Hays, Kansas, contains fossils collected by the Sternberg family. Between 1920-1929

Charles Sternberg& children Levi, Charles M, and Ethel pose behind the skull of a mosasaur (extinct marine reptile).

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Dinosaur party

meri meri dinosaur party hat~this amazing party hat folds out into the shape of bright green dinosaur head complete with big chomping teeth and big wobbly eyes. It'll delight your little dino-partyers

Green Dinosaur Raincoat - Toddler & Kids...Casey would love this!!!

Take a look at this Western Chief Green Dinosaur Raincoat - Toddler & Kids by Rain Come Again Collection on today!