Growing Hair! Science Idea

Springtime Science with Seeds

Use the story of The Lorax to inspire your students to plant a seed.  After you read the story, decorate pots to look like the Lorax and plant flowers or other plants in them and use a science lesson to explain how the seed grows.  At the end of the unit, your students have a fun craft to take home. ~Amanda Gray

Truffula Tree Inspired Lorax Birthday Party // Hostess with the ...

Super easy and fun kids STE activity- studying seeds!

Kid Science: Let's Study Seeds

Hand Hygiene: Germy the Germ Gets Washed Away!

This is part of a series of fun, educational videos about the importance of hand hygiene. It was created for use in elementary and high schools.

Cooking Matters Lesson Plans

Teachers, use this lesson plan titled "Exploring Food Together" to introduce young children to healthy food choices from No Kid Hungry!

Cooking Matters Lesson Plans

Cooking Matters in Your Community

SNAP ED cooking lesson plans

Is it Time to Give Teachers More Autonomy in the Classroom? - The Finnish education system attributes part of its success to more recess and greater teacher autonomy.

Find resources for teacher's on the Tri-County website.

Parenting News: British Cooking Company Supports Return of Food and Nutrition Education in Schools