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30 Days of Pinspiration

For 30 days, pinners, non-profits, and brands share what inspiration means to them.

Day 30: Your 2013 Pinterest inspiration #pinspiration

Day 29: The NBA is giving back #pinspiration

Day 28: Tess Masters whips up recipes for a healthier New Year #pinspiration

Day 25: Dr. Oz inspires a new year, new you #pinspiration

Day 24: The U.S. Marine Corp is helping you get back in shape #pinspiration

Day 22: AARP features people over 50 doing inspiring things #pinspiration

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Day 21: TODAY and Paula Deen share gifts from the kitchen #pinspiration

Day 18: Patagonia tells us what they love about winter #pinspiration

  • Jared Lawson

    Patagonia definitely goes under both my favorite places and under inspiration!

  • Happy Drains

    Looks beautiful.

  • Toni Horton

    Beautiful reminder of January 2014 with half the U.S. in a deep freeze!

  • Andrea Fernandez

    patagonia in chile is simply unbeleivable!! I live in Chile and can tell you so much about it....

Day 14: Michaels gets crafty with holiday decor #pinspiration

Day 8: Pottery Barn takes us back to Christmas past #pinspiration

Day 6: Babble tells us why they celebrate #pinspiration