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Official news

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Help people affected by the devastating earthquake in Nepal. Tap to donate to the American Red Cross's relief campaign today.

I support the American Red Cross
  • Regina Zipperer
    Regina Zipperer

    Great cause!

  • Maddie Poitras
    Maddie Poitras

    We can make a difference!!

  • Emma


  • Lisa Gilbert
    Lisa Gilbert

    poor kids and families

  • Lily Wang
    Lily Wang

    Hi, dear! Are you interested in cooperating? this is our website: if you are interested, please contact with me here or via email

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Pinners wanted it, we built it!

  • Kristin

    @Linda Deal (referencing your comment above) I'm always so worried that I'll re-pin the same picture! I think Pinterest should remember the actual picture and not who we pinned it from. I've deleted some re-pins that didn't say I had already re-pinned it. A little irritating in my opinion

  • Zariah Cutthroat_rainforest_zebra
    Zariah Cutthroat_rainforest_zebra

    Can you also have different boards in side boards. For example like if I had a holiday board I could tap on that and have more boards that are like Christmas,Halloween,ect?

  • ♡Tabitha♡

    Thanks Pinterest for fixing my notifications issue:)

  • Lynn De
    Lynn De

    Funny just noticed that mine are working again also. =)

  • Olivia Perigo
    Olivia Perigo

    How do you remove the "Pin It" button from your iphone?? It's extremely frustrating when it gets in the way when trying to read something or look at an image.

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What's one thing you've always wanted to try?

  • Janet Switzer
    Janet Switzer


  • AAB

    And I like to offer to paint album cover for a musican

  • Sandra Djurkovic
    Sandra Djurkovic


  • AAB

    What does Cao mean

  • bluebirdee

    find local PaPaa

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The search that turned the backyard into a wonderland

  • Drake Foster
    Drake Foster

    My profile pic is my daughter I love my daughter

  • Mohsen Moossavi
    Mohsen Moossavi

    wow Lovely

  • Osman Muhammad
    Osman Muhammad


  • Sophia Jackson
    Sophia Jackson

    Please add sub boards!

  • Janet Switzer
    Janet Switzer


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Aha moment 3214: Your afternoon hike in the woods could last the whole weekend.

  • Robert Dean Burlison II
    Robert Dean Burlison II

    PINTEREST HELP. I can't see to use this site right. With all my computer work and friends here, on Twitter, About Me and Likes I have been treating my eyes for a month. It doesn't burn or sting right now but I have other pain and the nurse on the phone told me if I can't breathe to go to nearest ER. I see the doctor in 3 days, Feb 2. Until then plz tell friends here thanks but can't respond

  • Pia Moeller
    Pia Moeller

    The new choose board feature is EXCELLENT, Though it took me a while to understand. Now I can pin very very quickly - Thank you Pinterest

  • Leila Salazar Sanchez
    Leila Salazar Sanchez

    HELP! HELP! Sorry to put this message here, but I don't know how to contact you... I need a little help: I keep getting this message: Oops! Sorry! You've hit a block (Pins) we have in place to combat spam. Please try again later. :( Terrible, isn't it??? I want to solve this problem, please HELP!!!

  • Sophia Jackson
    Sophia Jackson

    Please add sub boards!!!! It would be awesome. And not just for the website for the app too!!!!!

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Where would you spend the night under the stars?

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The search that turned an afternoon hike into a night in the trees

The search that turned a BBQ into a block party

Introducing Guided Search
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Aha moment 8030: You're ready for a new way to start your day.

Introducing Guided Search
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Aha moment 237: If you build it, they will come.

Introducing Guided Search
  • Akila Ryby
    Akila Ryby

  • Aslam Anjum
    Aslam Anjum

    canon company updates us on the of new year eve gift we give a number camera aslam anjum qureshi mobile no 03378026681 haji umeed ali road hyderabad pakistan

  • Dawn G
    Dawn G

    And if you build it wrong, people will leave in droves. Can I have a Classic version, please, for my computer? No picked pins, the old pin-it box back, not confusing mobile with computer...

  • Michelle Wood-Capolino
    Michelle Wood-Capolino

    any possibility you can come up with a way to click a button and all my boards be in alphabetical order? Please.

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After a search for shaves, he said goodbye to the beard

Introducing Guided Search
  • Sarah barnes
    Sarah barnes

    Pinterest are just ignorant!!!

  • Shellie Morrison
    Shellie Morrison

    I have made a pin requesting help to create a Community Forum. Possibly a Community profile with boards that reflect hot topics being discussed here and there. The here and there part is Why we need the forum. Even thought Pinterest has their "official" boards must of the time they don't do us Any good. I'm asking for help because I have no clue how to proceed. Could you please go to my boards and share the pin? You can find it on my Pinterest board I just recently started.

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What if you finally fixed up that scooter? Or said goodbye to the beard? Or spent the night in the trees? Watch a few of our favorite Guided Search moments.

  • Shannon Hudson
    Shannon Hudson

    Pinterest had changed my life!!!

  • Warner Carter
    Warner Carter

    very interesting

  • ↞marissa brianne↠
    ↞marissa brianne↠

    I'm not a fan of the new update! I can't swipe from search to my feed to my profile. It was just much easier. And I don't like how when you go to someone's profile you see their pins first, not their boards.

  • ↞marissa brianne↠
    ↞marissa brianne↠

    In fact you can't swipe hardly anything at all! It was so much easier than using the back button all the time. Please take this feedback into consideration!

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The search that saved Saturday morning.

Introducing Guided Search

A search for running that became her new favorite way to start the day.

Introducing Guided Search
  • met


  • Mohsen Moossavi
    Mohsen Moossavi


  • Alton Taylor
    Alton Taylor

    Family time is great.

  • Roberta Platten
    Roberta Platten

    Hi, Paul Zoltan Franko

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Who's coming on your next weekend adventure? about.pinterest.c...

  • Tultul Ganguly
    Tultul Ganguly

    Allies in wonderland I must say it -:))


    Wonderful :)

  • WildWestCoin Cryptocurrency
    WildWestCoin Cryptocurrency

    Hello ))

  • Gro Yah Farm
    Gro Yah Farm

    Bless up

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What would you whip up for a night in? –

  • Linda Deal
    Linda Deal

    For a night in I'd most likely whip up some soup/chowder or perhaps a pasta dish.

  • Mary Thompson
    Mary Thompson

    I love white fish with a lite mix of garlic and spices.

  • Lara

    I wish I could cook!

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Introducing messages!

  • Makayla Carlin
    Makayla Carlin

    Hi again

  • Dee Joseph
    Dee Joseph

    This day forward I will live a new

  • ALL Creatures Matter Rescue, Inc.
    ALL Creatures Matter Rescue, Inc.

    Need a companion? A new best friend? Try a rescue dog!

  • Jesse Bowen
    Jesse Bowen


  • Pablo Lopez
    Pablo Lopez

    Wow I like that?

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It's a double feature kind of night

  • Nightcored Vocaloid
    Nightcored Vocaloid

    Arhhhhhhhhh to much comments

  • Nightcored Vocaloid
    Nightcored Vocaloid

    The comments keep on going.....

  • Nightcored Vocaloid
    Nightcored Vocaloid

    Random thought:.......PIKACHUUUUUU......

  • Nightcored Vocaloid
    Nightcored Vocaloid

    I'm bored

  • Leen Ky
    Leen Ky


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Bringing play into the classroom

  • Istvan Rosos
    Istvan Rosos

    THIS IS WHY I CHOSE TO EXIST here and now so December 1972 is NOT the furthest we shall go. AD ASTRA AD ASPERA. CARPE DIEM. [[ please = magic word ]] 22:44 eARTh day ; remember MANDELA nelson Panglobal Armistice Day +730 revolutions, 2 complete solar orbits [[ NELSON MANDELA 1918-2013 15th day 12th month ]] = PEACE ON EARTH

  • Numa Totally
    Numa Totally


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More goodies for the iOS app, via the Official Pinterest Blog

More goodies for the iOS app

    Delicia de torta

  • Hans Malm
    Hans Malm

    All i want for Christmas is a slideshow option and the possibility to stream the pictures to my TV set! Thanks Santa!

  • Kathy MacLean
    Kathy MacLean

    I second that. And an option to reorder pins too

  • Hans Malm
    Hans Malm

    And a n option to have a single column of pictures instead of two on the iPhone, please

  • Dracaena Wines
    Dracaena Wines

    I may be being stupid here, but I can not find the camera icon anymore within the app. I can pin from my photos but that doesn't let me choose a board. What am I doing wrong?

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For Chrome desktop browsers you can now get the Pinterest Tab and see an inspiring full-color Pin each time you open a new window. It also comes with the handy Pin It button, so you can Pin stuff you find around the web.

  • Aine MacDermot
    Aine MacDermot

    Deleted it. Also hate the "picked for you" pins clogging up my Home feed and preventing me from seeing my friends' pins. Rapidly losing interest in Pinterest.

  • Colette Huseby
    Colette Huseby

    Dear Pinterest, I too don't like "picked for you" pins. I follow boards very different from the boards I create. I don't want my feed clogged with pins based on what you think I want to see. I follow boards where the pinners are already doing an excellent job of pinning what I want to see. And when the mood strikes me, I change what I am following. Following does not equal pinning.

  • Alison Fox
    Alison Fox

    Too much "picked for you" relative to folks I'm actually following. Because of the "picked for you" images, Pinterest is not as relevant or enjoyable as it used to be. It's especially irritating when images are exactly NOT what I am interested in, but in the same general category.

  • Daniel Racca
    Daniel Racca


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Plan projects, swap ideas and share your best discoveries.

  • Mary Scaletta
    Mary Scaletta

    Please don't let people know all the pins that I've repinned from myself. The way I pin is I pin from other people to the board I most want the pin to be on and usually edit the description. Then to save time, I repin those pins with the edited description from myself on to my other boards that that pin is relevant to. Then Pinterest is reporting it inaccurately in people's newsfeeds as I'm only repinning from myself which looks really funny and embarrassing.

  • Deemac

    STILL can't see comments under my pins on my boards - but I CAN before I log in! WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON??

  • Manatask

    I agree with Deemac, I like seeing my comments but really what would be nice is to have a choice for each board whether comments are seen or not. Some boards, you don't want the clutter. But some boards comments are better seen.

  • Heather matthews
    Heather matthews

    can i delete this feature from my pinterest i dont like the whole message feature its becoming like facebook. but keep the comment feature. i know it almost the same thing but i like pinterest before all the new stuff like messages and news. its not pinterest anymore it doent feel like pinterest

  • Deemac

    Other pinners have comments on their boards left by others - mine don't. I've over 3000 pins, on popular topics - I'm either the most unpopular pinner on Pinterest, or something is wrong! FIX IT!

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Its Pride Month and here at Pinterest were proud to celebrate the diversity of our community!

  • Sorne Bathory-Bvwyt
    Sorne Bathory-Bvwyt

    Oh how sad now who is the one who can't handle being told that something is wrong???

  • Sorne Bathory-Bvwyt
    Sorne Bathory-Bvwyt

    Ps I do not hate you I love you because you teach me how not to be.and hopefully I might learn something from you.thank you for sharing with me .love and light to you and yours.i wish you all the happiness in the world for the future.on earth and after all of your incarnations.i will see you in the light.

  • Sorne Bathory-Bvwyt
    Sorne Bathory-Bvwyt

    I also wish to say that I do not think that I am perfect if I were I would not be in a human incarnated experience I think I am learning and growing like everyone else and am appreciative of the chance to do so via exchange with other beings this is the only way we learn to love and liberate all beings I think and feel.

  • zeka roney
    zeka roney

    Nenhum caminho é longo demais quando um amigo nos acompanha.

  • Josephine Sharma Sharma
    Josephine Sharma Sharma

    We all got to Rute for each other, down here on our lifes journey or what's the use to live. luv ya all honeybunnys,

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We recently made a handy new feature for people with Android devices. In Pinterest for Android v3.0, we’ll notify you when you’re near a place you’ve Pinned. And if you’re on the go with a brand new Android wearable, you’ll get a notification there, too!

  • zeka roney
    zeka roney


  • Addy Wilson
    Addy Wilson

    O wow

  • zeka roney
    zeka roney



    To nie dla mnie.

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Introducing Guided Search: Find what you're looking for and make a few discoveries along the way

Introducing Guided Search
  • Biffles Lord Tiddlywink-Featherbottom
    Biffles Lord Tiddlywink-Featherbottom

    Did they get rid of the "just my pins" search? I can't find that option anywhere.

  • Lynn

    Your Lordship : When you go to search it is just under the options bar in the middle. It will say All Pins - Your Pins - Boards - Pinners

  • Biffles Lord Tiddlywink-Featherbottom
    Biffles Lord Tiddlywink-Featherbottom

    Thank you! I looked everywhere and somehow never saw that.

  • Netflix is the Start of EVERYTHING!
    Netflix is the Start of EVERYTHING!

    My Gifs wont play when ever i press the pictures on my android. What do i do?

  • Netflix is the Start of EVERYTHING!
    Netflix is the Start of EVERYTHING!

    My Gifs wont play when ever i press the pictures on my android. What do i do?

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