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Xin chào! Pinterest now speaks Vietnamese , via the Official Pinterest Blog

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Hai! Welcome to Pinterest, Malaysia!, via the Official Pinterest Blog

  • Gabriella Jaye

    Hey! I need to send you a pin because I'm having a problem with my Pinterest... I'll tag you in a screen shot, okay? :)

  • First Lady Hair Company

    First Lady virgin hair company is specialized in virgin hair for 10 years. We own our good reputation based on High Quality,Fast Delivery,Competitive Price and Best Services. Best wishes Salesman:Coco

Kumusta! Pinterest now available in Tagalog, via the Official Pinterest Blog

สวัสดี! Pinterest now speaks Thai, via the Official Pinterest Blog

Üdvözlünk! Bringing Pinterest to Hungary, via the Official Pinterest Blog

Γεια! Pinterest now speaks Greek , via the Official Pinterest Blog

नमस्ते! Pinterest now speaks Hindi, via the Official Pinterest Blog

  • Kelby Woods

    I don't agree if u can pin it on Pinterest then h can pin it to PINTREST

  • Riley Kowal

    Can you guys help me reach 100 followers please? I'd surely appreciate it! :)

  • Constance Vann

    I created a secret for to pin things to for later, but then I couldn't locate it more. Is that suppose to happen?

  • Ben Krueger-Blehm

    Secret boards are great things. Thanks pinterest!

  • Jo Walker

    What about sorting the people you follow? Sort of like Twitter Lists. So I can create a list of all people I post re:beauty or food or whatever category, and see only posts from those people when I want to!!!

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A more mobile Pinterest

  • Jay

    I just want a down button to get to the bottom of my boards rather than have to scroll.

  • Danicia Case

    Not that pinterest actually reads or answers anything on here...... why sent we able to see what was pinned? It just says someone "pinned your pin to such and such board" Ok, that's great, but I have no idea what was pinned. Very frustrating

  • Starfish

    Can we have boards with sub-boards in them for easy organization?

  • Joy Frady

    How do I delete multiple boards at on time? Thanks!!!

  • Analisa Mora

    I propose that you create a feature that lets watch Pins as Slide show, at least in our own Boards

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It’s going to be an interesting year, via the Official Pinterest Blog

  • Danicia Case

    Please bring back some of the old features on the apps, like being able to see what other people pinned, and how many pins a board has

  • JahKari Barbel

    Please follow me pinterest

  • D Girl

    Follow me Pinterest plz

  • djboomerang59

    Follow me and i will follow you

  • Jay

    Please add a feature that allows us to go to the BOTTOM of the board, not just the top.

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A GIF from Pinterest, via the Official Pinterest Blog

안녕하세요! Pinterest now speaks Korean, via the Official Pinterest Blog

More ways to search for recipes, via the Official Pinterest Blog

  • Sue Geiger

    Linda, great idea!

  • Jay

    Me too. This would help us keep the number of boards down, and establish as logical order.

  • Donna Davis

    Love Linda's idea

  • Allison Lambert

    I would love to have sub categories. That is a great idea Linda. I really wish Pinterest would work on this.

  • Jay

    Absolutely - Veggies/corn /cauliflower/asparagus, etc etc.

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Create a 2014 board: #PinYourResolution, via the Official Pinterest Blog

  • Alice Nobody

    I do know you did this because of scammers and all, but please don't.

  • Emma Di Angelo

    Me too. I hate this

  • Emma Di Angelo

    and when someone spams something can you PLEASE check the pin before you make no one get to pin it? One time all I wanted to do was to pin a simple drawing of an eye, and I couldn't pin it because It was spammed! I know you are plenty but please

  • Hermione Granger

    Also I'd appreciate if you guys actually read my requests and emails instead of robots answering them. I understand you are a "small team" but I still think you should at least make an effort to listen to us

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Today we’re shining the spotlight on our brand new iPad app, which is new and improved for the holidays. We gave it a fresh new look for iOS 7, made it faster, and even added some new features!

  • karen good

    I like related pins.

  • Danicia Case

    Finally, things are back to the way they were!

  • Erin O'Malley

    I like the concept of related pins. What I've noticed is that after scrolling through them a few times (in any given board category), I see the same pins over and over. It starts to feel saturated and the novelty wears off.

  • Judy Meives

    Please fix the pop up so we know we have already pinned an item. It has failed for at least a week. I have to keep deleting.

  • Jordan J. Caron

    iOS 7 looks sweet. Will download it.

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#MyHometownPins: Submit a travel guide!, via the Official Pinterest Blog

  • Susan Euresti

    Come to Georgetown Texas where you can see the most beautiful townsquare in Texas

  • Linda Deal

    I love this idea. I would have participated if I'd had time. Next time, give more notice/lead time :)

The Pinterest Holiday Giving Guide is here!, via the Official Pinterest Blog

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Introducing Place Pins, for the explorer in all of us, via the Official Pinterest Blog

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Discover the most popular Pins on your favorite sites, via the Official Pinterest Blog

  • Alveda Pero


  • Maureen Mulder

    Too many email invitations to post

  • Y.J.G

    I had to remove about 500 related pins from my feed just to see the pins I actually pinned and see the people I choose to follow. I say thumbs down to this new feature. I hate that I have to spend my time getting rid of these pin you "think" I might like. Why do you have to suggest so many pins. Every time I click out then go back to Pinterest I have to delete about 100 pins. Why can't you suggest a total of just 10 a day. I wish you would just get rid of the whole dame thing all together. If this is not changed by February I will quit Pinterest. I would like a response from Pinterest ASAP.

  • eil woods

    Agree. totally!!

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A new way to get notifications on Safari , via the Official Pinterest Blog

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