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“So much of our manufactured environment testifies to carelessness,” Ive says. Things are “developed to be different, not better.”

My Own Life by Oliver Sacks via An Op-Ed essay by Oliver Sacks on Learning He Has Terminal Cancer.

  • Taylor DuVall
    Taylor DuVall

    Pinterest Can I please be added as a contributor to this board? Thanks so much!

You should definitely read this: at some start-ups, Friday is so casual that it’s not even a workday. Work to live, not live to work.

How We Write About Love -


    love is very big thing and mostly successful only when both male and female are having same nature and taste with almost same worth and knowledge

Bruce Jenner’s Courage -

  • Donna Hyland
    Donna Hyland

    Perhaps he and Chopper Bob can be BFFs.

  • Kimberly Susan
    Kimberly Susan

    Sooooo... As a society we have decided to canonize Bruce Jenner for wearing frilly panties, whilst demonizing people like Chris Kyle? ... Not bat shit crazy AT ALL.

  • Donna Hyland
    Donna Hyland

    Yep. Just heard Jenner was involved in a fatal car crash. I wonder if he screamed like a girl.

  • moh darodjat
    moh darodjat

    Its very dliciuous

43 Ways Pinterest’s Office Is The DIY Paradise You’d Expect

We Lived Happily Ever After: 14 Fonts for Valentine's Day!

15 Valentine's Day Gifts For Geeks: Magnetic Nail Polish ($12): LOLCAT Magnetic Poetreez Kit ($12)

The single gal’s guide to having your best Valentine’s Day

  • Tami Kelley
    Tami Kelley


Make a Pinterest board filled with things to make your friend or sweetheart smile. :)

Romantic mixtape, version 2013: Use Spotify or other app to create a playlist.

More protein than beef. More omegas than salmon. Tons of calcium, antioxidants, and vitamin B. In their secret R&D lab, the scientists at Beyond Meat concocted a plant-protein-based performance burger that delivers the juicy flavor and texture of the real thing with none of the dietary and environmental downsides.

  • Avalon Ellis
    Avalon Ellis

    Kill the sliced tomatoes and I'm there for dinner...( there is just something so very wrong with sliced toms....can do a whole one no problems)'s a me thing!!

The examination to become a London cabby is possibly the most difficult test in the world — demanding years of study to memorize the labyrinthine city’s 25,000 streets and any business or landmark on them. As GPS and Uber imperil this tradition, is there an argument for learning as an end in itself?

  • Horsetrail Mexico
    Horsetrail Mexico

    It is very romantic to travel around London in this traditional Taxis..They never going to disappear is part of the experiences for travelers in London

For decades, the share of women majoring in computer science was rising. Then, in the 1980s, something changed.

An inspirational sports story for anyone out there who has ever been a true fan.

  • Adilson Mesquita
    Adilson Mesquita

    Muito bom................

Feds only have themselves to blame for Apple and Google's smartphone encryption efforts

Fifty years ago on Wednesday two Shinkansen bullet trains completed their first journeys, kickstarting a high-speed rail network that would transform Japan

  • Darren Room
    Darren Room

    Would love to ride these trains!

  • Ádám Tibor
    Ádám Tibor

    Felhívás : Olyan gyártót vagy társaságot keresek aki tudna nekem segíteni az üzemanyag megtakarító elméletemet megtervezni. És a gyártást megvalósítani . Vagy át adnám az elméletem ellenérték fejébe. A neodímium mágnes nagysága és formája már meg van. Egymáshoz való elhelyezkedése is meg van. Read more:

  • Ádám Tibor
    Ádám Tibor

    Köszi de nem.

  • Terry Hopkins
    Terry Hopkins

    Love trains. If only I was 21 years old I would make a career out of working on one.

ComputerCOP: the dubious “Internet Safety Software” given to US families | Ars Technica

Why You Should Refrigerate Tomatoes and Ignore Anyone Who Says Otherwise

  • Sara Diniz Lyra
    Sara Diniz Lyra

    ...adoro tamates. Quando estive em Viena me delicie com tomatinhos italianos, dulcíssimos dos quais ainda sinto saudades, além da hospitalidade dos nossos anfitriões, e da acolhida dos amigos vienenses, alemães e brasileiros.

  • Mary Mc Cormilla
    Mary Mc Cormilla

    Tomatoes that are taken from fridge do no taste good and too cold

  • merceditas duque
    merceditas duque

    Preciosa la fotografía, se ven de muy buen color

  • Bill matheny
    Bill matheny

    i hope they are talking nice its almost Christmas

The Learning Myth: Why I'll Never Tell My Son He's Smart By: Salman Khan

  • Ecuador Wonders
    Ecuador Wonders

    This really spoke to me, as I tend to avoid those things which may cause me to have to work or struggle with details! What have I been missing?


    Such a great article!!

  • Mick Logan
    Mick Logan

    Nice one.

Restaurants Reservation, Pre Arrangements Tables, Mysteries Originals

The Importance of Eating Together - ​Cody C. Delistraty - The Atlantic

  • Yang Leelee
    Yang Leelee

    Eating together that will feel happy with laugh and can share between 's idea and can understand each other's mind .

  • Be Happy Zone
    Be Happy Zone

    Hi. Can you tell me how to get invited to pin on this board - pin now, read later. I've been accepted for article rich pins and am looking for a board to pin to. Thank you for any help.

  • Sandra Nutter
    Sandra Nutter

    This is so important to do with your children. It teaches them how they should act at the table also how you can discuss the day's events.