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In Narcisse, Around 75,000 Snakes Are Waking Up From a Nap - The New York Times

Read This Story Without Distraction (Can You?) -

Nonhuman minds have a great deal to teach us.

Pinterest Reinvents Itself to Prove It’s Really Worth Billions: Members of the engineering, product and design teams.

To fulfill its promise, Pinterest needs to transcend its core audience. Now the company is betting big that better tech and design can make that happen.

Interview: Karen Kavett

Gravitational Waves Detected, Confirming Einstein’s Theory -

My journey to UX and content strategy in 86 bullet points

A visual survey of New York City coffee cups, from GP's favorite cafes across the city.

Meet six women innovating, trailblazing and creating change in tech.

New research reveals surprising truths about why some work groups thrive and others falter.

Life Hacks: A Netrunner Story

Interview: Olivier Valsecchi, Photographer - Artist Network, Fllio

“What differentiates me from everyone else ? It’s really hard to say. I believe every human being has unique qualities, and I think maybe what differentiates me is that I’ve always been kind of an alien whenever I was somewhere.” - Interview of Olivier Yoan

Mr. Aksoy mixes different flavors of akide. Mastic (a fragrant tree sap resin), lemon, bergamot, rose, cinnamon and mint are popular varieties. (Photo: Jodi Hilton for The New York Times)

A woman with muscular dystrophy spotted an Olympic athlete with an eerily familiar body type, and wondered whether they shared a genetic mutation. She was correct. This fascinating story reveals how her do-it-yourself medical research broke new scientific ground and altered the course of several lives. — Stacy Cowley, Business Reporter

Just an observation...does this person resemble Orville Rede nbacher or what? Terry Gross and the Art of Opening Up

Culture defines any business, yet it's also one of the hardest things to manage. In this extract from her TED Book, Margaret Heffernan describes the important, often-overlooked element necessary to...

Nobody Knows What They’re Doing — /dev/color Blog — Medium

Your remaining face time with any person depends largely on where that person falls on your list of life priorities.

Felix Kjellberg quit his job at a hot dog stand to play video games for a living — and gained 40 million screaming fans along the way. The cult of PewDiePie.

Inside the world's biggest airline food factory

The Rise of Hate Search -

Diversity Makes You Brighter -

Ada Lovelace was born 200 years ago today. To some she is a great hero in the history of computing; to others an overestimated minor figure. I’ve been curious for a long time what the real story is. And in preparation for her bicentennial, I decided to try to solve what for me has always been the “mystery of Ada”.