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Pin pets

Our pincredible furry friends!

Pin pets

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Lyla. InfraDog!

  • Paula DiGeronimo Scott
    Paula DiGeronimo Scott

    So cute

Henry, in his portable crate.

  • Alexa Over
    Alexa Over

    la cullerei un pò

  • Eileen Sidaway
    Eileen Sidaway


  • Eileen Sidaway
    Eileen Sidaway

    He is lovely '

  • Kgeurova


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  • Hippo

    Can i join the board? Pinterest

  • Adam ComBc
    Adam ComBc

    Rally nice :-)

  • rosalind fourton bellman
    rosalind fourton bellman

    angus is a common name where the heather grows.

  • Rosy and Rocky Pet Supply Co.
    Rosy and Rocky Pet Supply Co.

    so cute!!

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Tyler, AKA the bacon demolisher

  • destinypaul #ihaveabae
    destinypaul #ihaveabae

    that is just so cute

  • Deborah Burnett
    Deborah Burnett

    He's cute in his glasses

  • Rachel Hoftyzer
    Rachel Hoftyzer


  • Abbie Cunha
    Abbie Cunha

    He is so precious. I love cockers. I had a cocker that lived 19 1/2 yrs. He loved bacon too. God bless tyler

  • lisa Germain
    lisa Germain

    very cute love it

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Frisco, one of my three pups. Full time pinner, part time toilet paper roll balancing machine

  • Arda Zwart
    Arda Zwart

    it's about that perfect look on his face...a satisfied "job" well done, and this is my new throne. Adorable

  • Justice Pate
    Justice Pate

    It's like his own tower so awesome your. A great pinner

  • Rosy and Rocky Pet Supply Co.
    Rosy and Rocky Pet Supply Co.

    lol lovely

  • dawn denucci
    dawn denucci

    He's cute and talented

  • Justice Pate
    Justice Pate

    He's looks so adorable

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Fiona the bunny

  • Vicki Farley
    Vicki Farley

    Too cute... I used to have a house bunny... he was very sweet

  • rosalind fourton bellman
    rosalind fourton bellman

    i still look for the kindness,some times it's hard to find

  • Linda Nagel
    Linda Nagel

    So cute. Love the name. It fits!!!!

  • dawn denucci
    dawn denucci

    Love the name and so sweet

  • Justice Pate
    Justice Pate

    Aww too cute

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Lux the Goldendoodle!

  • Ellen Toay
    Ellen Toay

    My daughter's is part golden retriever and part miniature poodle. Since I repinned Lux's, I got to meet "Rigby and he is just the cutest thing. For a seven month old puppy he is well behaved but full of energy and just the greatest disposition. From what I gather, he doesn't shed but he does need some maintenance.

  • Linda Griffin
    Linda Griffin


  • Juan Medrano
    Juan Medrano

    Who are you trying to fool? This is Bill--our Bill! What's he doing in Pinterest??

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  • Dora Elsy Pabon Gomez
    Dora Elsy Pabon Gomez

    estos son hermosos los quiero mucho

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Tony, nerd herder.

  • squishy moultiford
    squishy moultiford


  • Lim Ching
    Lim Ching

    so cute

  • karen

    This puppy has the cutest face. its only got eyes for the owner or who ever has the treat.

  • Bror Karlsson
    Bror Karlsson

    En söt hund

  • 正樹 高橋
    正樹 高橋


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Steve and Lana. (Lana says "put me down.")

Lentil, unaware of her tongue.

  • met

    they animals always are your best frends

  • Dh Duganne
    Dh Duganne

    Pretty kitty

  • Kimberly Newcomb
    Kimberly Newcomb


  • Juan Antonio Castro Diaz
    Juan Antonio Castro Diaz

    manuel torres

  • Rosana Giacobina
    Rosana Giacobina


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Again, Dragon after shower.

  • Luis H. Rivera
    Luis H. Rivera


  • Jeanette Evershed
    Jeanette Evershed

    Aah sweet relief. That felt sooo good! What a sweetie.

  • Lisa Klerel
    Lisa Klerel

    Ow so cute this little lab, a really sweet boy ;)

  • squishy moultiford
    squishy moultiford

    ugly but adorable

  • rosalind fourton bellman
    rosalind fourton bellman

    puleeeese don't take my photo till my hair is dry and beautiful like always.

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Dragon after a shower: Today is hotter, but I stay cooler!

  • Ben Krueger-Blehm
    Ben Krueger-Blehm


  • Talking Well Consulting
    Talking Well Consulting

    He looks so resigned. My golden, Hostage, used to look like that too. They are so funny - and so precious.

  • Susie Hannas
    Susie Hannas

    Goldens are hands down THE best dog, ever!

  • Nicole

    Soooo cute;)

  • Paula DiGeronimo Scott
    Paula DiGeronimo Scott

    I want one i love those dogs

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Teddy, search dog. Great smile!

  • Colleen richard
    Colleen richard

    I just adopted a rescue dog that looks just likeTeddy. They told me that he is an pug/terrier mix, but they are not sure.

  • Citation Ping LLC
    Citation Ping LLC

    look like my dog :p

  • อบาโลน หน้าเรียวกระชับ
    อบาโลน หน้าเรียวกระชับ

    good small dog

  • Julie Gault
    Julie Gault

    go find my keys

  • Jane Jenkins
    Jane Jenkins

    it looks like he has chow chow in him

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Rocky and Steve, pair programming. Those input devices are Data Paws, with which Rocky can type upwards of 35wpm. (It's nothing but "woof, woof, woof," of course, but it's still pretty cool.)

  • Adam ComBc
    Adam ComBc

    Trust me, I am design specialist.

  • Ann-Marie Medina
    Ann-Marie Medina

    I LOVE Goldens!!

  • Raneet Barr
    Raneet Barr


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Travis, reception and therapy.

  • 苏 菲
    苏 菲


  • Dixie Avent-Thayer
    Dixie Avent-Thayer

    looks just mine go with me every place, inclluding doctor and hospital, if I can pet her I just relax and feel so much better. She is a rescue. My daughters and I have a total of 6 rescues

  • sergey

    carino come meeeeeeee

  • อบาโลน หน้าเรียวกระชับ
    อบาโลน หน้าเรียวกระชับ

    good very

  • leona (:
    leona (:

    what kind of dog is she

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Maggy is annoyed by being left at home, but she's only demonstrating why I can't bring her to the office.

  • Odette Venuti
    Odette Venuti

    Sometimes a dog will wreck things out of boredom. A good long walk with things to smell then the pooch is ready for a long nap.

  • Nelson Armando
    Nelson Armando

    simplemente, explotó

  • rosalind fourton bellman
    rosalind fourton bellman

    well nelson ,the walks for this dog are as important for this and all dogs plus humans,it clears the brain and lets you sleep better. if needed i believe you could bring your dog to work.just have him or her well mannered.don't forget to smile a lot.....

  • Nelson Armando
    Nelson Armando

    rosalind, thank you, my dogs run in my house fredoom. I have 2200 square meter.

  • cat dunphy
    cat dunphy

    I understand how Maggie feels, no fun being alone Cat

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Tracy and Pixel, special guest dog at PinterestHQ. (Pixel is interviewing, might be a good intern.)

  • อบาโลน หน้าเรียวกระชับ
    อบาโลน หน้าเรียวกระชับ


  • Alexa Over
    Alexa Over

    bona la tipina

  • Raneet Barr
    Raneet Barr


  • Barbara Morgan
    Barbara Morgan


  • jannie ter Haar
    jannie ter Haar

    zo,n hondje heb ik van 6 dec

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Rocky is a chick magnet.

Rocky, Platform Manager.

  • Lauryn Yountz
    Lauryn Yountz

    soo cute

  • kurstin smith
    kurstin smith

    to cute

  • sergey


  • Citation Ping LLC
    Citation Ping LLC

    soo cute

  • Nora María
    Nora María

    que hermosocachorro

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Sadie looks upset by Rocky's behavior.

  • Linda Turck
    Linda Turck

    My dog is just as beautiful. Must be cousins!

  • Nandi


  • Illuminated Illustrators
    Illuminated Illustrators

    My golden retriever does a dance similar to this...I wonder if that's their strange way of communicating...

  • Janet Sacher
    Janet Sacher

    I just lost my golden after 13 years, my heart is broken.. They are the best dogs ever.

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Angus, our newest canine recruit!

  • Linda Joyner-Jones
    Linda Joyner-Jones

    Nellie, my border collie was absolutely my most intelligent dog ever.


    so adorable


    I love that you can bring your pets to work. I can too!

  • jennifer nash
    jennifer nash

    The tongue is too cute!

  • Linda Joyner-Jones
    Linda Joyner-Jones

    Can I have the dog in the picture please?

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Nuri, do you want to spec out this mock for us?

  • Maria Helena
    Maria Helena


  • A Miller
    A Miller

    Looks like my boyfriends dog, Lucy

  • Luishenrique Da Silva Jardim
    Luishenrique Da Silva Jardim

    eu amo dogs todas as raças

  • Pamela Sudborough Serrano
    Pamela Sudborough Serrano

    Too Cute..

Shasta, community management.

  • Pat Slater
    Pat Slater

    Such a beauty!

  • мαℓια иєℓѕσи
    мαℓια иєℓѕσи

    Super cute! Can I join?

  • cathy newell
    cathy newell


  • Donna Clark
    Donna Clark

    Pretty face

  • connie hayes
    connie hayes

    Is you're assie a Mimi or a standard ? I have two mim love them!

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Fallon, designer.

  • Jean Berzley
    Jean Berzley

    That is a face of confidence!

  • Stanley Hammerman
    Stanley Hammerman

    I don't know which one is more handsome

  • debora

    beautiful dog, have you tried the suds n toss soap infused towel? Natural oatmeal shampoo. Just add water.

  • Stanley Hammerman
    Stanley Hammerman

    My dog looks so much like one in pic...scary! Who is the guy??

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Joe, junior web dog.

  • Patricia Lof
    Patricia Lof

    Great breed, border collies. I've fostered many for a border collie non-profit rescue organization. All found great "furever" homes, some with my neighbors. This little one is very pretty, enjoying a well deserved chew toy.

  • Kent Brewster
    Kent Brewster

    Joe's an Australian shepherd. (Currently 53 pounds and thin as a rail; he got really, really big!)

  • Patricia Lof
    Patricia Lof

    Oh an aussie, I foster them, too for ABC (Aussie/Border Collie) Rescue. Both great breeds. Very cute. Looks like quite a character.

  • Carolynn Trout
    Carolynn Trout

    Beautiful border collie! Best dog ever.

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