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Tips and tricks for using Pinterest!

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The latest garden search trends from around the globe: See what gardeners from Japan to Brazil are searching for on Pinterest.

The Pinterest browser button is the best way to save things you find around the web.

  • Gee Tiz
    Gee Tiz

    Thanks, there is hope in the world... xD

  • Gee Tiz
    Gee Tiz

    I want the feed of random images, I like browsing them while I have coffe break on work :D If I type in the topic of what I want to see I would not get anything unexpexted. :D (Thanx again)

  • Shannon Jensen
    Shannon Jensen

    The button is great for saving stuff . . . but there's nothing there that helps you *find* your stuff once it's been pinned. Wish they just had a hyperlink that would take you to the pins that you've pinned . . .

  • Anna Banana
    Anna Banana

    Anyone knows how long does it take for an item to show up in searches? I am testing some hashtags but my items (newly pinned) don't show in the search at all :(

  • Eddie with Sara always in my heart
    Eddie with Sara always in my heart

    Anna, you dont need hashtags here, you type in the search what you want then hit enter, and it shows up instantly. And you have to have a description below your pin, it cant be blank. I hope this helps.

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Make secret boards for anything you want to keep to yourself.

How to create a secret board
  • Kristi Armstrong
    Kristi Armstrong


  • Tinyde

    thanks for your offer to help but I think I am all sorted out, thnx :)


    thanx..a lot

  • Arthur Young
    Arthur Young

    I'm just as lost, but whatever.

  • ✯ кristiηє ✯
    ✯ кristiηє ✯

    Hi, seeking advise. I've always known how to click, hold and drag boards, now when I try this, it doesn't work. I get a ghost image of the board appearing when I click, hold and try to drag and it won't move. Strangely enough, I can move my boards up to "Shades of light pink & white", then below that I can't. Any thoughts??

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You can follow boards and interests to fill up your home feed with Pins.

How to follow and unfollow boards

    me gustaria ver moda

  • Rivi's Colors
    Rivi's Colors

    how can i pin pictures from my computer folder to pinterest?

  • Anna Banana
    Anna Banana

    Anyone knows how long does it take for an item to show up in searches? I am testing some hashtags but my items (newly pinned) don't show in the search at all :(

  • Anna Banana
    Anna Banana

    Oops I think I posted on the wrong board

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You can make boards for anything: recipes to try, places you want to visit or ideas for your home.

How to create a board
  • Clara Blackburn
    Clara Blackburn

    What about the loss of a child can you pin a board for that, also a trip you've already taken.

  • Francisco Javier Granda Gonzalez
    Francisco Javier Granda Gonzalez


  • Janette Andrew
    Janette Andrew

    can anyone let me know how to use a knitting machine before I decide to purchase one janette.

  • Winning And Loving It
    Winning And Loving It

    Thanks Pinterest for the new "pin" look. March 2015

  • Marlene Marcus
    Marlene Marcus

    Wedding ideas

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Pin Tip: Once you’ve added the Pin It button to your iPhone, you’re just a few taps away from Pinning your newest finds.

Save all the creative home improvement ideas you find online. All you need is the Pinterest browser button:

  • Silanno Romans
    Silanno Romans


  • Abby Rose #PrayForMamaSwift
    Abby Rose #PrayForMamaSwift

    Hi Pinterest, not sure where else to put this. I think it would be really great if you had sub-boards! You could have a holiday board, and for sub-boards have Christmas, Easter, etc. etc. Can you please consider doing this, because I think it would be a great way to organize your page.



Get the party started with festive ideas you find around the web. To save your finds for later, all you need is the Pinterest browser button:

  • May


Pin Tip: Save interesting articles and blog posts with the Pinterest browser button. Then read them whenever you want:

  • Livs Chally
    Livs Chally

    Pinterest, I need help. I'm trying to unlike really small pins, but they won't unlike. Is there any way you can delete all my likes for me?

  • Livs Chally
    Livs Chally

    Also, I think sub boards are an amazing idea. Like Holidays-Valentines, Christmas, Halloween. Fandoms- Doctor Who, Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings. Food- Bread, Soups, Dessert. Thanks for adding the move feature as well!

Pin Tip: Save must-see spots you find around the web with the Pinterest browser button.

  • Elaine Parsons
    Elaine Parsons

    Why am I not getting any notifications from Pinterest any more????

  • Elaine Parsons
    Elaine Parsons

    Why am I not getting notifications from Pinterest anymore??

  • Stephanie Wilson
    Stephanie Wilson

    im having simular problems. including staying logged in

  • brandy1234

    can't find username .on app and web..dont want 2 use they sent a link so off lost it help

  • brandy1234

    see no photo and error 404 name used

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Pin Tip: Get the Pinterest browser button to save creative meal ideas from around the web.

  • Kimberly Nguyen
    Kimberly Nguyen

    Well that's find and dandy, but this new style you've started is highly inefficient and frustrating. The old pinning style was much easier to use. Now I can only see one of my boards on a tiny pop-up screen instead of the multiple ones I could see with the drop down style pin screen

  • Cheryl-Ann Williams Combs
    Cheryl-Ann Williams Combs

    I wish it was easier to organize recipes, and other boards as well. It would be nice to be able to add subcategories within boards.

Pin Tip: Once you’ve added the Pin It button to your iPhone, you’re just a few taps away from Pinning your newest finds.

  • Verity Postgate
    Verity Postgate


  • Apple FortheTeacher
    Apple FortheTeacher

    What LEGIT site forces a redirect without permission? I am fed up with the flow of my internet browsing by being forced out to app in an endless loop that can only be fixed by going back to the browser history. UGH. If I want to go to Pinterest I'll go. I don't want to open the app during a web search. I just deleted the app.

  • Jan M
    Jan M

    Apple FortheTeacher, I am so with you!! Unfortunately though, I think you'll find yourself constantly being forced to close iTunes because the Pinterest folks have made it that way if you don't have the app installed

  • Apple FortheTeacher
    Apple FortheTeacher

    Jan, you are correct. Hilariously enough (sarcasm) I discovered this for mysel when trying to read your reply. I am still deriving satisfaction from deleting the app. LOL! Now, I'm off to check my blood pressure. Tra la la. Pinterest is so relaxing. :D

  • brandy1234

    fuck you .!!pin shit people get this removed or HEY SEND MESSGE. TEACHER AND JAN FUCK YOU 2 faced and don't believe as fuck it ,teachers ,and jan who's so 2 faced lady you have eyes in the back front and sides !!!!

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Pin Tip: Love the Pinterest app? You can add the Pin It button to your iPhone and Pin right from your mobile browser, too.

  • Amelia S   ♥
    Amelia S ♥

    @D Joan Joni, to pin, you have to hold on the picture you want then 3 buttons will pop up. Click on the one that is a picture of a pin

  • Ismael Brito
    Ismael Brito

    Como é bom!

  • brandy1234

    swell until try 2 send message pin...

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Remember that great idea you Pinned a while back and always meant to try? When you’re on the go, here’s an easier way to find things you’ve Pinned.

  • Abby T
    Abby T


  • cilla downs
    cilla downs

    I found it!

  • Lexi Miller
    Lexi Miller

    I would like this for Secret boards

  • Laura Tollini
    Laura Tollini

    My app is up to date but I don't have this search bar :(

  • Rebecca Miller
    Rebecca Miller

    I would like to search for pins that those I am following have pinned. Those great ideas that you know you have seen in your newsfeed but don't save yourself and attempt to find later.

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The next time you find a Pin that looks interesting, take a look at who Pinned it. If you like what they’re Pinning, follow them to get their latest finds delivered to your home feed. For more tips about following, and how to fill your home feed with even more great stuff, just visit our Help Center.

  • Elizabeth Chesnut
    Elizabeth Chesnut

    There is a way to tell how many people follow your different boards - just click on your board, and it will tell you.

  • Izzy Nico
    Izzy Nico

    Really?! Thanx :)

  • Livia John
    Livia John

    Follow for a follow anyone?

  • Jessica Rendon
    Jessica Rendon

    Yeah!!! ^^^

  • Jamie Moss
    Jamie Moss

    Follow for follow :)

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Our Help Center is the place to go for answers to any of your Pinterest questions—and it just got a makeover!

  • elsa doucette
    elsa doucette

    How do I rearrange my pins on my boards?

  • Jackie Chesson
    Jackie Chesson

    HELP!! In the past, all the pinterest notifications would automatically go to the deleted box except for one, the last notification.. NOW, THEY ARE FILLING UP MY INBOX & none are being deleted until I manually delete them....WHAT HAPPENED????????????

  • Lee Martin
    Lee Martin

    Help! I have pinned photos from my computer successfully , but on the front page it is blank and I have to click on it to see picture.Why? Thanks Lee

  • Vickie Conte
    Vickie Conte

    How to get

  • Angela Simoneaux
    Angela Simoneaux

    HELP! PLEASE?! I no longer can search for items, topics, etc. I've always gone to the section with the spy glass and tap at the top of the page and there would be a box to type into. Has something changed?

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Here's a tip! It's easier and faster than ever to save articles, blog posts, recipes, products and more with the Pin It button right from your browser.

Goodies | About Pinterest
  • KarenFaye Dobies
    KarenFaye Dobies

    i like this

  • Laug Rob
    Laug Rob

    I liked your move, when you acquired Icebergs. I was hoping for a free service, where I could save all my favourite websites. But what was happening with your new Extension? I could only save images from websites, but what I really need is to save whole websites. Me, as an Interaction Designer needs a visual collection of his inspirations links, that's what icebergs provided. So please add the possibility to save a whole websites.

  • tsm designs
    tsm designs

    Used to have the Pin It button until Pinterest changed their privacy policies and implemented a tracking feature.

  • Jan M
    Jan M

    I HATE the auto launch/redirect! If I want to use the app while I'm using Safari, I will do it myself, thank you very much. I'm on the verge of deleting the app from my iDevices!

  • Verity Smart
    Verity Smart

    The browser pin button rarely ever works and now I can't pin at all from the web (where sites don't have their own pin option) because you've removed the manually add pin mode from the "+" :(

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Now, there’s no limit to the number of ways for you to plan, contemplate, practice and explore all the things you want to do. Go ahead, keep it a secret. We won’t tell.

More (and more!) secret boards
  • GS Gupta
    GS Gupta

  • GS Gupta
    GS Gupta

  • Linda Sherrin
    Linda Sherrin

    I still cannot arrange my boards in order on an iPad ... I do not have a mouse . How can you arrange your boards in order on an iPad ? Help...

  • Deb J
    Deb J

    To be able to move multiple pins at one time. Similar to the gallery on Galaxy. You can select every picture you want to move to another folder, etc and move them all at once.

  • Deb J
    Deb J

    Also, I want to add one particular pinner to be able to post to 20 of my secret boards. I have to actually add her to each one separate, she gets 20 emails and has to accept 20 times. I would like to be able to add her to numerous boards just by selecting the boards all in one step.

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Share your #PinYourResolution boards with friends!

Share your #PinYourResolution boards with friends!
  • Maureen Muinjo-Dunn
    Maureen Muinjo-Dunn

    <A HREF=""> <IMG SRC="" border="0"/ ></A>

  • Nava Natural
    Nava Natural

    Follow me :)

  • Deidre Wilkins
    Deidre Wilkins

    one of my favourite websites since i had my anurism. such beautiful work very talented you people dei

  • The Dancing Spirit Studio
    The Dancing Spirit Studio

    Follow me, I follow .....Belly Dance for ages 5 - 95 yrs taught here http://www.thedancingspirit...

  • Dounia Abnaamar
    Dounia Abnaamar

    follow me :)

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2014 Resolution tips from Pinners!

2014 Resolution tips from Pinners
  • Maria cecilia Mino de Cobo
    Maria cecilia Mino de Cobo

    algunos tableros (borders)

  • Maria cecilia Mino de Cobo
    Maria cecilia Mino de Cobo

    tengo interesantes boards o tableros ,quiziera guardarlos como referencia para mirarlos en otro momento como puedo guardar mis tableros y por cuanto tiempo, por favor necesito ayuda y como hacerlo paso a paso, soy una Pinnealcoholic me encanta.

  • Boite Mails
    Boite Mails

    The gray background can be modified ?

  • Dancing Daisy
    Dancing Daisy

    Betsy there should be a + some where on your screen or a pin symbol press it and you should understand it from there

  • The Dancing Spirit Studio
    The Dancing Spirit Studio

    Follow me, I follow .....Belly Dance for ages 5 - 95 yrs taught here http://www.thedancingspirit...

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Survive your summer with these outdoor tips!

Survive your summer with these outdoor tips!
  • samantha welivita
    samantha welivita

    good luck to all

  • Phyll Gunn
    Phyll Gunn

    I agree with Joanne. Get hysterectomy ASAP. You will be put on estrogen. Just be careful because it has been proven to cause cancer. My sister-in-law had residual cancer left over from breast cancer for over 10 years, didn't know it, and was on a double dose of estrogen. Oncologist said it contributed to the recurring cancer and is giving her meds to get it out of her body. You do not have to take it. Just ask your doctor if it is safe for you.

  • Phyll Gunn
    Phyll Gunn

    She is Stage 4. Will pray for you and yours.

  • GS Gupta
    GS Gupta

  • Norma Pretzer
    Norma Pretzer

    Just gotta ask here because I can't find find it anywhere else. Why is it a person can block you from adding one of their pins. I could not even ask why. I went to his name and there were4 or 5 posts on etiquette. I had never seen this before, and if "Pinterest" has this rule why have I not seen it before. This person does not own these pins only borrowed from someone else. Who gave them to the right to be "PIN NATZI'S" ???? Yes I'm damned upset. HELP !!!!!!!!!

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Pinterest 101: Fixing image issues with the Pin it button

Pinterest 101: Fixing image issues with the Pin it button
  • Linda Moses
    Linda Moses

    I'm not sure you can change the Pinterest board, you can change the name of your boards that you have pinned on.

  • The Dancing Spirit Studio
    The Dancing Spirit Studio

    Follow me, I follow .....Belly Dance for ages 5 - 95 yrs taught here http://www.thedancingspirit...

  • erιn нood♡ #prayιngғorĸaм #ѕтayѕтrongjordan #weloveyoυвrιanna #prayιngғorмaмaѕwιғт
    erιn нood♡ #prayιngғorĸaм #ѕтayѕтrongjordan #weloveyoυвrιanna #prayιngғorмaмaѕwιғт

    How do you find the pin button

  • GS Gupta
    GS Gupta

  • Miss Millionaire
    Miss Millionaire

    wish i could find my boards' names by typing 1st letter of 'em. before i could, but it doesn't work now :((((((

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The Pinterest 2013 Holiday Giving Guide: Explore hand-picked gifts from Pinners and notable names like Queen Latifah, Andrew Zimmern and more. There's something for everyone on your list—from gardeners to gadget geeks!

2013 Pinterest Holiday Giving Guide (holidays)
  • The Dancing Spirit Studio
    The Dancing Spirit Studio

    Follow me, I follow .....Belly Dance for ages 5 - 95 yrs taught here http://www.thedancingspirit...

  • GS Gupta
    GS Gupta

  • David Campos
    David Campos

    Hello am a painter and i need place to show my talent. Do you thing any web site_?

  • Sofia Weiser
    Sofia Weiser

    Hello I'm trying to create a new message thing and I can not do it with out entering a email address and I don't know the email address that I'm trying to reach. Do you think you can help with that?

  • Sofia Weiser
    Sofia Weiser

    Please contact me as soon as possible.

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Confessions of a pinaholic: Discovering Pins, via the Official Pinterest Blog

Confessions of a pinaholic: Discovering Pins
  • Cassandra Demler
    Cassandra Demler

    You can just go to Edit and then change the board that it is pinned to! Very easy!

  • Margaret Alcala
    Margaret Alcala

    Thanx Cassandra, I finally figured that out

  • Carol Malone
    Carol Malone

    Backspacing deletes a space.

  • The Dancing Spirit Studio
    The Dancing Spirit Studio

    Follow me, I follow .....Belly Dance for ages 5 - 95 yrs taught here http://www.thedancingspirit...

  • GS Gupta
    GS Gupta

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Invite your pals on-the-go, via the Official Pinterest Blog

Invite your pals on-the-go
  • Hala Labaki
    Hala Labaki


  • Trisha Hoque
    Trisha Hoque

    Trisha Hoque Does anyone know how to delete pins from your own boards that are posted by others.....ON MOBILE....such as ipad or samsung note 3 ....its simple to delete on a laptop but whats the way to do it on mobile?

  • Becky Williams
    Becky Williams

    @Pinterest. I've sent 3 e-mails concerning my feed, or the lack of it. I can NOT see my feed. PLEASE look into this and let's try to get this fixed! Thank-you

  • The Dancing Spirit Studio
    The Dancing Spirit Studio

    Mid East Oriental Belly Dance.The Dancing Spirit Studio Open House,Sept 13, 11-5 Adults,Teens,Creative Dance 3-12 yrs. Season Sept 15-Dec 15. HIGHLIGHT Sept,12,6:30 - 7.TDS,12th SOAH “Sing Out Against Hunger”Evelyn’s Drive In http://www.thedancingspirit... VIDEO

  • GS Gupta
    GS Gupta

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