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Pinterest HQ

A peek into our pintastic office in San Francisco!

Pinterest HQ

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Studio 7.5, Mirra Office Chair for Herman Miller

  • Lorne Holladay
    Lorne Holladay

    This is the original Mirra. Check out the Mirra2

Inside Pinterests New San Francisco Offices

  • David Shell
    David Shell

    I had around 2000 pins on that board and have no idea what happened to itny help u .. A

  • David Shell
    David Shell

    I'm sorry I was unable to see what I was writing because the querty keyboard was in the way

  • David Shell
    David Shell

    But anyway, what I was attempting to say was any help u can give me on this matter would be greatly appreciated. Thank u

  • ♛jusт ʙɛauтʏ♡
    ♛jusт ʙɛauтʏ♡


  • Horses345🐎 (NOT HERE) (Ava and Chels are AWESOME!)
    Horses345🐎 (NOT HERE) (Ava and Chels are AWESOME!)

    Please Pinterest we need you to help! I tagged you on a pin because someone taking art from people and not giving credit!

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Our bar - Crafty Creations | California Home + Design

  • Einer Sønderskov
    Einer Sønderskov

    Utroligt spændende og inspirende, Jeg er rigtig glad for at jeg kommet på Pinterest

  • Abby McGean
    Abby McGean

    i would love to work there!

  • Kellie

    That makes 2 of us, Abby! I hope they hire us! : )

  • Jeff

    Count me in!

  • Rania Gatnoor
    Rania Gatnoor

    That makes four of us!

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Creative Space | California Home + Design

  • ♛jusт ʙɛauтʏ♡
    ♛jusт ʙɛauтʏ♡


  • 🎻David Jimenez🎻
    🎻David Jimenez🎻

    Hey I have that spotlight!


808 Brannan, Pinterest HQ 2014

  • sue ann
    sue ann

    love it

  • Jeff

    I would thoroughly enjoy a tour of Pinterest HQ!

Pinterest HQ Entrance

  • ♛Nettie ♛
    ♛Nettie ♛

    Hi Pinterest ! Lol I came onto your page because you should make a choice if you want to delete a message you get in your private messages! That's all I've come on here to complain about lol

Pinterest 1 - Open Air | California Home + Design

  • Pillow Armadillo
    Pillow Armadillo

    Love this

  • Winkin' Sun Hemp
    Winkin' Sun Hemp

    Consider using Hemp fabrics for pillows and upholstery. Call enviro textiles or Hemp Traders for details on how to make it happen. :)

  • Busola Tiamiyu
    Busola Tiamiyu


Pinterest's Perfectly Crafty SF Headquarters | California Home + Design

Inside Pinterests New San Francisco Offices

Inside Pinterests New San Francisco Offices

  • Doug Reid
    Doug Reid

    Where did you get those fantastic wooden tables?

Inside Pinterests New San Francisco Offices

  • Bekki Goncalves
    Bekki Goncalves

    Can i come visit????

  • Kim Mcculley-Burgoon
    Kim Mcculley-Burgoon

    Cool HQ, thank you for all you do!

  • Pandora Woodard
    Pandora Woodard

    Love all the comments

  • Jeff


Inside Pinterests New San Francisco Offices

Inside Pinterests New San Francisco Offices

  • ♛jusт ʙɛauтʏ♡
    ♛jusт ʙɛauтʏ♡


  • Pepper Chan
    Pepper Chan

    Whoo... I wanna come visit. I can trade you some yummy coconut water from my company for a tour. :)

Inside Pinterests New San Francisco Offices

Inside Pinterests New San Francisco Offices

Pinterest Headquarters Lobby

  • Trixie

    Where are the Mason jar lights and the pallet sofas?

  • Brooklyn MILLER
    Brooklyn MILLER

    Hahaha good point

Inside Pinterests New San Francisco Offices

  • Mike McDowell [mudpuppy]
    Mike McDowell [mudpuppy]

    Ooh who did the Pinterest logo marquee? Beautiful

  • Tana Townsend
    Tana Townsend

    Pinterest what would you say is the best major for someone wanting to succeed in the arts field at your offices

  • Bekki Goncalves
    Bekki Goncalves

    I dont care about paper , show some things youve done. Life and hands on are our greatest teachers. But then again im old school. Teach our children what they love to do. Oh yes, Life 101.

  • Jo Wilmer
    Jo Wilmer

    wow what an office...

Inside Pinterests New San Francisco Offices

  • Z. Brown
    Z. Brown


  • Katherine A
    Katherine A

    This is amazing...

View from building entrance.

Conference room

New door decal on Brannan St.

Pinterest Where Making Beautiful Stuff Is A Way Of Life | TC Cribs - YouTube

  • ↞marissa brianne↠
    ↞marissa brianne↠

    Dream job..

  • Kellie

    My brain keeps telling me that I need to work at Pinterest! What does your brain think about that pinployees? >: D

Pinterest HQ Entrance

  • Vera Dole
    Vera Dole

    I signed up over a month ago, and still haven't received notification from you as to how to log on, etc. Please help! Thanks

  • Shellie Morrison
    Shellie Morrison

    Hi Vera, I'll try and help you. Pinterest is not always there when you need them. I'm not sure what you're asking about in terms of logging on. Do you mean how do you log onto your account?

  • Shellie Morrison
    Shellie Morrison

    Vera Dole when you pull up your home page you will see 1 follower, that'll be me. if you click on my name above this comment it will take you to my account. Once you're there then click "Follow All", that way I can send you messages via the messaging system instead of on here. It's much easier.

  • Shellie Morrison
    Shellie Morrison

    Vera Dole You can also go to the Pinterest Help Center and get step by step instructions on how to get started. On the top bar of your home page click on your name.. you'll see several options.. one of them is "Visit help center". That should help you. If not, just let me know. :-)

  • C. y. H.
    C. y. H.

    Hi .. I cannot create a board all of a sudden. I'm no where near all the limitation amounts but there no button anymore to create a board within the create a board option. I have gone thru the fix a problem tips and cleared caches etc. and restarted my PC and I use Mozilla as my browser. I'm hoping you can tell me why this has happened all of a sudden.

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Transparency at it's finest

  • Annalise Hicks
    Annalise Hicks