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I came. I saw. I Pinned.

Because I love seeing beautiful places, imagining actually making things from my DIY board, and having a reference for all the flowers, animals and desserts ever photographed!

I came. I saw. I Pinned.

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Love my followers! You make me feel like I actually have good taste! Haha ❤

Trolling the Internet for pretty things is such hard work, babe. You been at it a while. Want a cup of coffee? I'll go get some. - Click image to find more Humor Pinterest pins

Pinterest pinning

I'll pin it again if I want!


THIS is so true. LOL

Manuela Bernardi Mambretti :)

true story.

How to find


So true...

problem solved!

For Peter

  • Roger Loren Mulligan
    Roger Loren Mulligan

    Too late

Fellow pinners, please help stop the proliferation of spam. Lots of recent spam has involved weight loss tips, diets, ideas, etc. If you see a pin dealing with weight loss, click on the pinner’s name to go to their board. If the pinner has only pinned to group boards, be suspicious. Check out the pinner’s pins. If you see the same things pinned over and over again (and I mean OVER AND OVER again), you are probably dealing with a spammer. Don't repin or like. REPORT SPAM AND SPAMMERS!

Spammers are trying to ruin Pinterest. Already many board owners have given up trying to fight them and quit. We must help them fight so we don’t lose our favorite boards. It will only take a few minutes to report these creeps but the board owners work hours to keep them clean for us. Check all of the boards frequently, especially on the weekends and when they post span, jump right on it. Pinterest does listen to us but they can’t find the rotten ones unless we tell them. Let’s fight back!

New Spammer... 1st REPORT her... working together we can take her DOWN!!! THEN>>>>Show her 2 can play and she won't win... Write SPAMMER in her comments... she hates comments... copy and paste in as many of her post you can... she will block you... let her spend all her time blocking so she has NO time to post...SHOW her she is NOT welcome here!!! Also if this post falls below view... please repost so people know what to do... Thank you to EVERY ONE who helps get rid of spammers!!!

Pinterest just introduced a new feature for group boards to help combat spam. An easy step-by-step pictorial on how to block and remove a spammer from a group board.

Pinterest introduces new feature to help combat spam

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How to save a copy of your Pinterest boards as a PDF.

why can't my full time job be a "pinner" on @pinterest all day?!

Yes we do

i agree.

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  • Terri Shaw
    Terri Shaw

    oops. You spying on me?? :)

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