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    Pinterest, You Are Drunk

    Pinterest, You Are Drunk

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    A costume for a brave man

    I think my favorite part is the caution at the bottom

    Safe sex or mid-coital snack?


    How to name your kids.

    Best pregnancy Halloween costume

    We approve of his Pinterest request

    I have no words. But it sure did give me a great laugh.

    My grandma would appreciate this.

    Are you sure it's the coffee?

    Yet they always talk about letting the cat out of the bag.


    Take my money, Please.

    That's awesome funny!

    Boob pillow

    Veggies in disguise

    OMG this is awesome!


    just. died.

    Crazy shoes

    Go home, fashion. You're drunk.

    Donkey Mug by Evelyn Henson

    All of Pinterest would be drunk.

    My neighborhood is next.