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Pinterest, You Are Drunk

Prom Queen

  • Sarah Hattier

    That is fucking retarded

  • Sherrie Hammond

    Looks like black on clear labeling tape to me.

  • Stacie Smith

    Hey, she's gotta be able to say she did something in life as she's workin getting you those fries at McDonalds

  • Brittany

    Poor girl, she's going to regret that! Especially since Prom is spelled wrong.

  • Simone Oosthuizen

    Sherrie.. Tattoos look like That when fresh.. Another example of not checking the drawing first xD

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"Jesus take the wheel" I died

You’ll never be as cool as Irondad…via the metapicture #Irondad

oh, this looks pretty damn familiar

Omg that's so awesomeness


Cleaning a dropped pacifier with my mouth? Check. Wiping a kid's face with my spit? Check. Leaving the house with a peed-on shirt? Um . . . it's possible.

  • Sanna Oksa

    Because I find it bad, that misleading informatin keeps going around. You claim, that cleaning a pacifier in your mouth would have something to do with building up immune system. It maybe has, but not enough to pay of the negative effects of caries. In your funny comment you claimed something, that is not true, to be true, and I commented on that, so that wrong information would in the future not be root of humour. Funny is funny, mislrading information is misleading informarmation. I treat these two differently.

  • Janna Chiasson

    I always "cleaned" my babies pacifier with my mouth. I had four. They're all healthy and have good teeth.

  • Sanna Oksa

    Why do you tell us that?

  • Janna Chiasson

    Because you're scaring and shaming everyone. If you're truly an expert and professional with regard to this subject, please, create your own information pin.

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A round-up of the funniest satire #whitemanmarchprotestsigns from White Man March 2014.

A round-up of the funniest satire #whitemanmarchprotestsigns from White Man March 2014.

A round-up of the funniest satire #whitemanmarchprotestsigns from White Man March 2014.

"I purchased this camera in lieu of paying rent on my apartment for 4 years, and believe me when I say it was worth it. I used the box that it came in as a hat and some other boxes for a home. It's uncomfortable, but the pictures I've taken of my new home are so sharp that you can see the fleas on the brick I use for a pillow. I can also take high detail pictures of my children (who I am no longer able to see due to court order resulting from gross negligence). Highly recommended!"