Oh Spiderman...

The more I look at it the harder I laugh

and you're average.

We've all been there. Especially if you were a teen in the 80's

Gives new meaning to "cleavage."

For every trip on a plane, ever.

I've got nothing....

Timeout changed you

Oh honey, you crocheted yourself some shorts? You shouldn't have done this. Seriously, you shouldn't have.

Like if you laughed - http://makecoolmeme.com/funny-sms-2/like-if-you-laughed-8


Dunnah dunnah dunnah dunnah BATMAN!

I laughed way too hard at this....lol

Crochet gone incredibly wrong. Or, in some cases, incredibly right.

A costume for a brave man

I think my favorite part is the caution at the bottom

Safe sex or mid-coital snack?

How to name your kids.

Best pregnancy Halloween costume

We approve of his Pinterest request

I have no words. But it sure did give me a great laugh.

My grandma would appreciate this.

Yet they always talk about letting the cat out of the bag.