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Pinterest, You Are Drunk

Pinterest, You Are Drunk

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I just died.

This just got more and more hilarious ...

  • Amanda Aleman
    Amanda Aleman


  • Gromyt Hodum
    Gromyt Hodum

    I laugh harder every time.

  • Kara McQuillen-Benge
    Kara McQuillen-Benge

    Holly Viers

  • Fangirl ∞
    Fangirl ∞

    "All rise, motherfucker" tho :)))


Laughed so much

Pinterest to reality fails: hedgehog cake

  • Lauren McChesney
    Lauren McChesney

    If we're being honest, the original was pretty scary looking to begin with.

  • Sam Smith
    Sam Smith

    Those red eyes... demon-possessed hedgehog

  • Elizabeth Gleason
    Elizabeth Gleason

    Mei-An Raicer

  • Tracey Hanson
    Tracey Hanson

    Stole grammy's dentures to make this.

Gingerassic Park. I'm sure this version will give lots more joy than the original design. The baker has a wonderful sense of humor.


Hahaha!!! Hilarious!!

Howie always felt he should have been sorted into Slytherin...

I Have Seen The Whole Of The Internet: Leonard Nimoy Christmas Bigfoot Sweater

Cat eye, taken to the next level

The Idle Man Lookbook

  • Z

    Yes! Or it's Christmas morning and his grandmother made him this sweater he hates.

  • TheFunnyBeaver.Com

    Can I get an invite to pin here pleae? :)

  • Susan R
    Susan R

    isn't this Kenny from Big Brother Canada?

  • Boo Spanyer
    Boo Spanyer

    Susan R-- it's Chris Millington more on him here:

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  • Melanie McLey
    Melanie McLey

    Hahaha amazing!

  • Heather Grillo
    Heather Grillo


  • Kelly Anderson
    Kelly Anderson

    Lmao!!!! Kayla Baer

  • Reanne Thompson
    Reanne Thompson

    Love this!

  • Lisa Gibson
    Lisa Gibson

    Lmao that is great Vikki

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What a wonderful day to be a car!

They do not care at all? - NoWayGirl

  • Heather Whitney
    Heather Whitney

    What. I can't even. ha.

  • Ary Tee
    Ary Tee

    I think it's I do not care at all..

  • Aunt Violet Productions
    Aunt Violet Productions

    On your arm?

disturbing? hilarious? sad? you decide..

  • Felix Dipodomys
    Felix Dipodomys

    Allow me to say it first: Check, Check, and Check! (oh man, I ALMOST missed my Oxford Comma :])

  • Bluzcat

    Maybe it looks better when he smiles... more manly?

  • Katie Pippel
    Katie Pippel

    Extra credit for invoking the Oxford comma in the comments.

is there a ken kilt?

  • Cynthea Urrustieta
    Cynthea Urrustieta

    That's kinda creepy lol Jeannette Castellanos

  • Jeannette Castellanos
    Jeannette Castellanos

    Lol I know right. Took me a minute to figure out what it was

  • Emily Banks
    Emily Banks

    Katie Marks

  • Katie Marks
    Katie Marks

    Pahahahah!!!! Emily Banks should this be my Halloween costume?!

  • Emily Banks
    Emily Banks

    YES! Katie Marks

eternally tanned..

  • Olivia

    This is actually pretty good! Wouldn't you think twice about getting into a tanning bed if it resembled a coffin?

Francois-Marie Banier - "Paris, Juin 1994", 2005. [you should see the one who wore pineapples..]

  • Jaime Gerwig
    Jaime Gerwig

    Omg.. no

  • Treva Kosloski
    Treva Kosloski

    Love that, I'm not going to wear purple when I'm old; I'm wearing bananas!

  • Deana Manfredi
    Deana Manfredi

    Hmmm... bananas on her melons.

  • Alisha And Leighann
    Alisha And Leighann

    lol Deana

the limits of transparency have officially been reached..

  • Micah Baylor
    Micah Baylor


  • Nina Bashaw Photography
    Nina Bashaw Photography

    That would take my cleaning OCD to a whole new level.

I hope you're happy cause you just broke physics

  • Lorna Meyer
    Lorna Meyer


  • Brandi


  • ❈༻✞✧Debörah✧✞༺❈

    Obviously a poor attempt to make her waist appear smaller

Van Naming Fail…

  • Jennifer Peters-Ahnberg
    Jennifer Peters-Ahnberg

    At first, I thought the fail was misspelling "Providers."

  • Betsy K
    Betsy K


One more step to becoming a cat lady in my old age.

  • Erin Meghan
    Erin Meghan

    Emily Hemendinger Wait, I feel like you would love this LOL

  • Shayna Dionne
    Shayna Dionne

    Alicia Van this would fit wonderfully into both our wardrobes ;) lol

  • Kayla Nicole
    Kayla Nicole

    Leah Megan omg I NEEEED IT

  • Shannon Vandervennet
    Shannon Vandervennet

    Wow.... that's just... wow.

  • Sue Tolkkinen
    Sue Tolkkinen

    Jennifer Thaxton for the girl when she is older, or a mini version now, she does want to be a "cat girl" ha ha

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  • Alison Cassell Matthews
    Alison Cassell Matthews

    PLEASE do this for your Christmas card this year! Pllllleease!

  • Laura Manchester
    Laura Manchester

    I can't ever un-see this. Thanks Kaytie Clary

  • Alisha And Leighann
    Alisha And Leighann

    What made them think this was a great idea!!!!

  • ❈༻✞✧Debörah✧✞༺❈

    That's disturbing

  • lyn henderson
    lyn henderson

    dear, dear Lord.

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words fail me....

  • Martha Keeley
    Martha Keeley

    Noooooooo Hayley Woodle

  • Lucy Pratt
    Lucy Pratt


  • Willettsita Pineiro
    Willettsita Pineiro

    QUE?!?!?! No Nintendo at all!!! Why???!!!

  • Emma Ingle
    Emma Ingle

    Avery Nicole cute look

  • Kellie Michálek Abbott
    Kellie Michálek Abbott


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