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Pinterest, You Are Drunk

Pinterest, You Are Drunk

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I laughed so hard! lol

Hahaha, I laughed so hard.

perfectly timed pictures

  • Natalie Davis Lum
    Natalie Davis Lum

    Lon hahaha.

  • Lon

    Natalie Davis Lum these one are great! Hahaha

" I am taking a Spanish class and saw this pen in a store with packaging both in English and Spanish. Since I had to write a short essay in Spanish and I only speak English, I thought that this pen was perfect. But I tried to save some money by buying these on line. Notice that this packaging is only in English. I started writing my essay but it only came out in English (which will work for most people). But I needed the bilingual pen. Very disappointed."

  • Susan Watts
    Susan Watts

    Sadly you will be disappointed, even if you buy the one in the store if this is what the package is like. This one is for French homework, not Spanish.

The comment section of an Amazon listing seems an unlikely place to find joy, and for most product listings this is probably true. However, through coordinated efforts that are beyond my understanding, there are a small number of products that people have singled out to receive a veritable concert of mockery in the review section. And the results? Hilarious. Laugh-until-you-cry funny. And they make me very, very happy.

My children are pointing out dirt spots on the floor that they assume are leprechaun tracks. You can pin that if you want.

I just died.

This just got more and more hilarious ...

  • Amanda Aleman
    Amanda Aleman


  • Gromyt Hodum
    Gromyt Hodum

    I laugh harder every time.

  • Kara McQuillen-Benge
    Kara McQuillen-Benge

    Holly Viers

  • Fangirl

    "All rise, motherfucker" tho :)))


Laughed so much

Pinterest to reality fails: hedgehog cake

  • Lauren McChesney
    Lauren McChesney

    If we're being honest, the original was pretty scary looking to begin with.

  • Sam Smith
    Sam Smith

    Those red eyes... demon-possessed hedgehog

  • Elizabeth Gleason
    Elizabeth Gleason

    Mei-An Raicer

  • Tracey Hanson
    Tracey Hanson

    Stole grammy's dentures to make this.

Gingerassic Park. I'm sure this version will give lots more joy than the original design. The baker has a wonderful sense of humor.


Hahaha!!! Hilarious!!

Howie always felt he should have been sorted into Slytherin...

I Have Seen The Whole Of The Internet: Leonard Nimoy Christmas Bigfoot Sweater

Cat eye, taken to the next level

The Idle Man Lookbook

  • Z

    Yes! Or it's Christmas morning and his grandmother made him this sweater he hates.

  • TheFunnyBeaver.Com

    Can I get an invite to pin here pleae? :)

  • Susan R
    Susan R

    isn't this Kenny from Big Brother Canada?

  • Boo Spanyer
    Boo Spanyer

    Susan R-- it's Chris Millington more on him here:

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  • Melanie McLey
    Melanie McLey

    Hahaha amazing!

  • Heather Grillo
    Heather Grillo


  • Kelly Anderson
    Kelly Anderson

    Lmao!!!! Kayla Baer

  • Reanne Thompson
    Reanne Thompson

    Love this!

  • Lisa Gibson
    Lisa Gibson

    Lmao that is great Vikki

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What a wonderful day to be a car!

They do not care at all? - NoWayGirl

  • HWP

    What. I can't even. ha.

  • Ary Tee
    Ary Tee

    I think it's I do not care at all..

  • Aunt Violet Productions
    Aunt Violet Productions

    On your arm?

disturbing? hilarious? sad? you decide..

  • Felix Dipodomys
    Felix Dipodomys

    Allow me to say it first: Check, Check, and Check! (oh man, I ALMOST missed my Oxford Comma :])

  • Bluzcat

    Maybe it looks better when he smiles... more manly?

  • Katie

    Extra credit for invoking the Oxford comma in the comments.

is there a ken kilt?

  • Jeannette Castellanos
    Jeannette Castellanos

    Lol I know right. Took me a minute to figure out what it was

  • Emily Banks
    Emily Banks

    Katie Marks

  • Katie Marks
    Katie Marks

    Pahahahah!!!! Emily Banks should this be my Halloween costume?!

  • Emily Banks
    Emily Banks

    YES! Katie Marks

  • Diana Trojansek
    Diana Trojansek


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eternally tanned..

  • Olivia

    This is actually pretty good! Wouldn't you think twice about getting into a tanning bed if it resembled a coffin?

  • Rachael Northcutt Archer
    Rachael Northcutt Archer

    Vampire trap.