21 Photos That Are Too Real For Anyone Who Wore Braces

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Rubber Band holder for braces

Rubber Band holder for braces

Wearing braces? If so, cleaning your teeth may be more difficult than it was without these orthodontic devices!

Braces Tips: Make the most of your orthodontic treatment by learning what to eat and what to avoid. Some foods are too hard and may damage the wires or brackets.


Let you have fun by rendering your mouth with different shades of dental braces color wheel.

Brace Colors For St. Patty's Day

Im getting top braces in six days and im getting these colors! Im excited but a little sad that i cant eat popcorn!

Brace Color Selector

This website is extremely handy for those of us with braces! You can test out colors in a mouth, see how they look together, and pretty much make your decision for next time you get your braces tightened. For when I get braces

Bite Wafers For Orthodontic Braces

Bite Wafers For Braces (Elastobyte Therapy Wafers)

Bite Therapy Wafers (Elastobite wafers) for orthodontic braces are used to help relieve soreness and discomfort after you get your braces adjusted. Just bite on the wafer to increase blood flow to your teeth.

Look how much braces have changed over the years.

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