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Gnome, white with sage stitches  #tomte #gnome #nisse

Gnome, white with sage stitches

Meet Acorn Wee Little Forrest Gnomes! Their hat is a real acorn, and the body is made from wine cork. This listing is for a set of three little acorn gnomes.  You can tuck them in a bookcase, table top, or be part of the table decoration. Acorn Wee little Forrest Gnomes are about 2 inches tall (5 cm). Made from wine cork, faux fur, and bean nose.   ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------  Did you know, that in Scandinavia, elves are…

Originally crafted from wine corks, I think Aud's co-op could use pieces of branches for bodies, shredded vines for the beards, acorn caps and dried beans for the nose.