Recessed bed - cool #loft idea this is a wonderful idea for kids- they tear up the furniture, spill drinks, food, jump on sofa-this would solve all of those problems-put a mattress protector on mattress and a sheet that u can wash when it gets dirty! Kids would love this, they can jump-wrestle-eat
This is a really awesome way for a shared girl's bedroom without taking too much room up in the actual bedroom.
Cute and Cool Teen Girl Bedroom Ideas! • A great roundup of teenage girl bedroom decorating ideas & projects! Including this photo heart shaped wall design idea from 'Bethany Mota'!
A house within a house… Thumbs up or thumbs down? View more projects kids will enjoy in our “Ideas for Kids” album on our site at Did you have a playhouse? Was it as cool as this one?
These vertical lights coming down the wall are kinda cool! I don't think we have any room/wall space left for this anywhere lol but just a cool idea!
cool bedrooms - love the top one as a guest room for a bunch of kids :)
Someday, in the very distant future, I will have grandkids. Said grandkids WILL have something this cool.
Tween Girl's Bedroom....a time and perfect place to express the new blooming you!!! FUN! Katie loves all the different colors and patterns (as you can tell by her current bedroom decor)
I absolutely love this girlie bedroom! How cool is the pink ceiling?! It would be cool with blue too!!
38 Smart Small Bedroom Designs with Hidden Bed. It looks cool, but thinking of the cost makes me nervous.
Pitty puppy
Roll it Experimental Housing in Germany! Isn't that so cool! I have two nice spots to sit and a cool built in desk! I WOULD WANT THAT
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Love this I can make it like a gymnastics bed! I can put a rope up on the ceiling so I can climb up and then bars next to it so I can swing down!
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