She was practically his mom and he just fucked her over like that. She should just ground him for the rest of eternity.<<fave parts of history

Yasssss movie magic needs to happen

Yasssss movie magic needs to happen

<< along with violets and the term bambie lesbian (and apparently grass was an indicator of homosexual attraction but that sounds more like a funny prank. now there's grass clippings all over your front porch.

laughing because I saw this word defined as "pal, fellow crew member" in a historical place called the Pirates' House in

Another clarification. As the quote (from the Sun Courier) says, the boys were boisterous and talkative. It wasn't that they couldn't be trusted, I'm sure they got the job done, the girls just got it done faster because they didn't stop to play.

Hedy Lamarr Starlet Hollywood Golden Age Spread Spectrum Technology Torpedo frequency jamming

Women in math and science

Hedy Lamarr: Hollywood actress and co-inventor of Spread Spectrum Technology Torpedo frequency jamming

Vinnie Ream got to meet with Abraham Lincoln every day for 5 months straight. Senators hired her to sculpt a bust of her choosing, and she picked Lincoln, who gave her his time each day. She was also hired to sculpt his memorial statue,.

2015 Women's History Month STEM Biography Series Roundup

I truly do hope that a women's history month becomes a thing. So maybe just maybe those who don't see just what we've done can respect us rather than casting us aside in the history books and in life now.