Plug your phone into the egg, then take the duck into the shower with you and listen to your music. I NEED ONE.

iDuck: Plug your iPod into the egg, then the duck plays your music in the shower wirelessly (and it's waterproof). EPIC: Plug your iPod into the egg, then the duck plays your music in the shower wirelessly (and it's waterproof) cool

12 Tips on Staying Inspired

Healthy Living quotes to stay motivated to live well. How to start living a healthy lifestyle. Keeping motivated to live a healthy lifestyle. Tips to keep your healthy living goals on track.

One of the most beautiful things on earth. The surface of underwater. I could look at it for hours... if I was a mermaid.

Saatchi Online Artist: Marco Busoni Painting "a trick of the light" Mermaid Energy is a favorite theme we all share, and is a particular favorite of Judy's.


Reasons to be a Mermaid: No pants, No periods, Perfect hair, You can lure men to their death, Free clam bra.

Surreal Collages by Eugenia Loli

girl blowing bubbles planets in outer space galaxies cosmos , Art Surreal Collages by Eugenia Loli

This is insanely amazing. love the ship

The little mermaid tattoo. I love this tattoo and how it is black ink and than color for the mermaid. Very cool.

Cats wearing tights.....I found this WAY too funny.

Another day, another strange internet trend. This time, cats wearing tights has become the latest thing to go viral online, and it's exactly as it sounds. I must contribute to the trend!

I love you J.K

JK Rowling To everyone who thinks, "I wish I were skinny" or "how do I lose weight", I hope you read this. Because society has convinced us being "fat" is a bad thing. When in reality there are far worse things.


Everyone thinks I'm overdramatic when I'm upset.but when an octopus gets stressed out, it eats itself. Now THAT'S overdramatic. Bazemore but i do eat myself sooo