Elem. Music Classroom Ideas

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Elem. Music Classroom Ideas

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Introduction to Using Exit Tickets in the music classroom. She gives several tips including grading or not grading theme, getting started and more.

What do Super Musicians do? Display this music bulletin board to find out. Love the bright, bold colors and 19 different posters. SUPER!

Cooking themed music class. LOVE the repurposing of the little trays to display her class schedule. CUTE!

National Music Standards - Camping Theme This whole theme is so cute! I love the colors and the clipart used. Camping in music class? You bet!

Music Classroom Bulletin Boards: Staff Wars

Create for Musician of the Month

Wow i can see myself having this in my choir room especially since younger kids are afraid to sing out :)

$ - Fish In Time Bulletin Board

Music Classroom Bulletin Boards: Fish Scales

Music room bulletin board. Fish bowls and fish name ensemble groupings. 1 fish for solo, 2 fish for duet, etc.

Mrs. Q's Music Blog: Time to Pause--worksheet to have students fill out when they have broken a rule

Fall into Music bulletin board for your music classroom

Benefits of Music Education

My bulletin board this year ;) Prizes to the first students to figure out the tune using solfege! Works to develop inner hearing and reading music notation. Students take a slip of paper and write their answer and put it in the envelope in the bottom corner.

Pursuit of Joyfulness: Winter Bulletin Boards for the Music Room "Snow is falling into place, on a line or in a space" - Lines and spaces of treble clef #musiceducation #elmused #musedchat

$ on TpT - 100 “I Can” Music Standards Statements made in a musical way for you to display in your classroom year after year! Tweet Music has created a comprehensive list of brief “I Can” music standard statements that cover a range of grade levels.

IDEA - Pursuit of Joyfulness - She has directions and extra ideas for how she made it as well

Homemade Gift: Sheet Music Art - giving.innerchild... #giving #gifts

This lovely Musical Thumbprint Snowmen winter papercraft project is a great example of unique easy kid Christmas crafts. Even your littlest loved ones can make their own homemade Christmas crafts with this adorable project.

Rhythm Bowling. Each pin is worth the duration of the note. The Treble and Bass Clefs are worth 2 points/pin. Of course these are my rules. Any teacher can make up his or her own. This picture shows two full sets so I can run two games at once in my Music Room!

Music room-inspired free printables: Created for dressing up a music classroom, but I'm dying to use them to scrapbook those hundreds of pics from high school band and choir!

Paint chip boarder on my computer lab bulletin board for the 2013 - 2014 school year.

12 Days of Music Class...I'm totally doing this for December!

Ready? Set. GO! Setting up or rearranging your music classroom? This is a huge list of things to think about-pencils, classroom traffic, organizing paperwork and more.

National Music Education Standards Cooking Theme