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Elem. Music Classroom Ideas

This is a board containing pictures of and from Music Education Classrooms from around the world - Posted by Music & Arts Educators Around the world! | Pictures of Amazing Music Classrooms and Creative Things in Them! (NOT for lesson plan ideas, etc.) | Want to be a "pinner" to this board? Let us know on the Facebook "Music Teachers" Group. :) Please don't post videos unless they are pictures of a classroom or showing off a classroom or craft.
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Fabric background instead of paper, more durable and less expensive. Classroom Tour: Decorations


Classroom Tour: Decorations & Organization

Confetti Bulletin Board. So cute! Could add student work on top of the confetti.


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Kris Lytle

FREE Star Wars Text Generator for K-12 teachers! Make Star Wars themed lesson directions or morning messages. Elementary, middle, and high school students will definitely pay attention when they hear the Star Wars music and see the scrolling space words! Could also use for creative writing prompts, listing groups of students for centers, viewing short reading passages, or publishing students' writing in a fun new way! Star Wars in the classroom equals fun for everybody. :)


Teachering - Timeline Photos

super clever website detailing rhythmic notation in legos!


Rhythmic Notation in LEGO

from And Next Comes L

Building Chords With LEGO & Free Printable

Music activity for kids: building chords with Lego - includes a free printable, from And Next Comes L


Building Chords With Lego & Free Printable

Lessons/Games - dynamics. Could make even simpler for k with loud/soft


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from Vimeo

Scholastic Interactive: "Giraffes Can't Dance"

Adorable animated video by Scholastic of Giraffes Can't Dance. Love this book!


Scholastic Interactive: "Giraffes Can't Dance"

from Mrs. King's Music Class

Advice for the New Music Teacher

11 Tips for the New Music Teacher. A practical and sometimes hilarious look at ways to prepare for the first year. Tips include "Get ready to play the name game. The struggle is real and there are 20 ways to spell McKenzie." and "Make Your Room Beautiful-they ARE judging you!"


Mrs. King's Music Room: Advice for the New Music Teacher

from Etsy

BEAT BLOCKS® Lesson Book Volume 1: Beat, Rhythm, Meter - downloadable PDF

13 lessons and a description of the method to use these. Lessons include several literacy-based lesson, composition, improvisation, dictation, and recorder lessons. They're a no-fail way for students to understand musical concepts such as beat, rhythm, melody, harmony, dynamics, and macro versus micro beat. Beat Blocks Method and Lesson Book - downloadable PDF. $9.99, via Etsy.


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This is so simple but SO SMART!! Building chords...can the blocks match the colors of the boomwhackers? Easy transition


The Eclectic Music Teacher - Activity Modules