Martin Luther King

With Black History Month around the corner and Martin Luther King Jr. Day behind us, we thought it would be good to commemorate one of our greatest heroes in the civil rights movement.

Earnestine Shepherd, 74 yr old body builder.  Didn't start working out until she was 54!  What an inspiration - rock hard lady!

Ernestine Shepherd, in shape at age 74

Earnestine Shepherd, 74 yr old body builder. Didn't start working out until she was . 'Officially amazing': 74 year old Ernestine Shepherd was added to the 2012 Guinness World Record book as the oldest female body builder

... and you did.  Rest in peace Sir Ali

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Yea, pretty much.

I don't blame Disney for my high expectations of men, I blame Tolkien! LOTR - my bread and butter growing up.


Truths Open minded people embrace being wrong, are free of illusions, don't mind what people think of them, and question everything, even themselves.

Love Ellen.

"I stand for honesty, equality, kindness, compassion treating people the way you'd want to be treated and helping those in need. To me, those are traditional values. That's what I stand for. I also believe in dance." - Ellen I love Ellen!

honest ones

No one is perfect and no one is perfectly honest, but those who make an effort to be honest despite if it makes others comfortable or not are the kind of people I love to have in my life.

Heath Ledger and Matilda

Heath Ledger and Matilda.the true value of being photographed with your children is only appreciated when one is no longer here < another pinner wrote, and it's incredibly sad but it's just one more reason not to shy away from photos together

Javier Bardem ;)

Inez & Vinoodh : objectif Stars

Emma Stone - starting to be one of my favs!

Emma Stone VOGUE July 2012 Spider-Man Emma Stone land U. VOGUE magazine covers, fashion photographer Mario Testino, sexy changing shape, look forward to Emma performance in the movie.

Sandra Bullock

Shocked Fans Thrilled for New Mom Sandra Bullock

Emma Watson -  I must admit, I just adore her! Definitely one of my favorite young actresses!

Emma Watson is a true role model for young girls today. I love her fashion style and she just glows with confidence. She is so pretty!

Joaquin Phoenix

Check out production photos, hot pictures, movie images of Joaquin Phoenix and more from Rotten Tomatoes' celebrity gallery!

Lenny Kravitz

Farewell letter from

Lenny Kravitz - one of the very few rock musicians of color to sucessfully and consistently hold his own in the US. And a damn fine piece of eye candy to boot!