Earth’s disease

NASA has launched a program to send people to live on Mars. They will never return to Earth and after all of them die, we'll be sending more people. I can't help but think maybe she should solve ALL of our problems before we go fuck up another planet?


Oh my...I was laughing so hard and knew that it was going to be even funnier the closer I got to the end, that it took me about 5 minutes to finish it. My dog thinks I'm completely nuts! LOL!!!


This kind of inversely reminds me of the time we had a drumline alternate march a contra tuba (without playing) for pregame just so it would look like we had more contra tubas. (We already have like nine, though! 😂)

This royal cleanup. | The 31 Most Smartass Things To Ever Happen

The 31 Most Smartass Things To Ever Happen


Life would be so much better if gangs just went around teaching cats cradle... at pre-schools, at day cares, at nursing homes... Actually can this be a thing please I want it