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Do I have any kitty lovers out there? Ia this DIY Cat Window Perch as awesome as I think it is??

Tutorial for the Easiest DIY Cat Perch / Cat Window Seat Ever at DIYShowOff! A serving tray, brackets and a cusion or carpet piece and voila!

Totally my cat, as soon as he hears someone move in their bed he thinks their awake for the day lol

every morning there's a fat, black cat named Snickers pawing at my face with enthusiasm. Snickers has my vote- Bast's own truth-Breakfast in this place-rocks. I am Nemesis and know these things.

Funny Animal Pictures With Captions

Lol I laugh every time I see this! To katch teh cheezburger I muss BE teh cheezburger!

Grumpy Cat Poster- I love math it makes people cry

Grumpy Cat Poster- I love math it makes people cry. cry over math ~~then it wins power over u! has made me cry hard it does to most non math freaks and that damn graphing calculator of which I mastered.