Greek coffee ready to pour YUM Ahhh.a steaming hot cup of joe paris No Stress Cafe

I need coffee!

Naked Espresso, by John Noble - I loooove coffee and I need to get myself a proper old style espresso machine!

paris paris :)

Dibujo cuenca. sesion 26. café de París

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Yes, this is tea time. Have some tea and feel better. Stay healthy by consuming tea.


Oww.. my brain..

kiss - The Coffee Kiss is amazing pieces of art, Creator of this sculpture is Tsang Cheung Shing, from Hong Kong.He mixes drink coffee and tea. It can be a symbol if love and marriage.


World famous Italian design, with unmatchable Bialetti quality and tradition, create this beautiful stove top espresso maker that can be used on gas, electric and ceramic stovetops.