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PIVOT 2012!

PIVOT 2012!

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Doritos® - Goat 4 Sale -- Crash the Super Bowl 2013 Winner #pivotcon Pivot Conference

Without reservations: Social remakes restaurant and recipe experience Pivot Conference #pivotcon

Investing in Trust and Transparency with #Edelman and #Bloomberg

The Varied and Complex World of Engagement with Jonathan Becher, #SAP #Business #Social

Felix Baumgartner’s space jump – was that brave or courageous? Charlene Li @Pivot Conference

USA Today Rebrand background - released at #pivotcon

#dariamusk G+ concert to close out the show @jorsatti16

Backstage with the one and only Jermaine Dupri! Photo by @lovelypumpkin

@dailygrace talking about @MyDamnChannel & the online video community Photo by @internetmedialabs

The 2012 Election Mood Meter Photo by @shanesteele

Streaming LIVE with Grace, Beth and Molly Photo by @MyDamnChannel

@jeffjarvis on stage for "is ROI in social BS?!" Photo by @katielance

Here's what @cocacola learned about engaging better with fans on Facebook... Photo by @40deuce

Photo by @msquaredent

@kaminmusic performing @pivotcon photo by @sashahalima

CEO of @getsatisfaction @WendySlea Photo by @jencorbett

#pivotcon packages. Photo by @dariamusk

@pauladams from Facebook speaking with @briansolis photo by @valaafshar #pivotcon

Sephora's Bridget Dolan rocking red pants. photo c/o Denmark Francisco

@Mr_Mcfly's photo of @baratunde's awesome deck #Pivotunde

#pivotcon Trending in the US. Woot!

David Berkowitz shares 3 new engagement paradigms. Photo by @sabrina_eshoo

Photos from Day 1 of #PivotCon via @DcAbFab - @creativecvg RT @adrants : Negativity spreads fast. Brands have to acknowledge negativity, identify source, empathize, understand #pivotcon

Photos from Day 1 of #PivotCon via @DcAbFab - @HootSuiteEvents Case Study: #PivotCon ~ Using Social Media to Build Your Conference Audience

Photos from Day 1 of #PivotCon via @DcAbFab - @naullyn Philips UX flow chart #pivotcon