The ANTIQUE COUNTRY FURNITURE STORE specializes in creating reproductions of original, look alike, country furniture. Our country-antique furniture is handcrafted in the tradition of quality workmanship with your choice of wood and finish. Each piece is handmade, as you have selected, and is crafted to last from generation to generation. We do specialize in building country antique style furniture. HOWEVER, we pretty much build whatever the customer wants. No matter what the style.

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How to Identify Furniture of the 1800s by Its Dovetailing (

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Could this look like it is from the mid to late 1800s?

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Welcome to, a web site dedicated to life in Pepin, Wisconsin. Our village and Lake Pepin take their name from the Pepin brothers, two of the first French trappers in the area.The village was settled in 1846, and was initially known as a steamboat boomtown familiar to Mark Twain and wealthy Chicago socialites who summered on the lake. We are known as the birthplace of Laura Ingalls Wilder.

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Mid-1800s chair comes with a dash of Louisiana mystery Published: Saturday, June 19, 2010

Mid-1800s chair comes with a dash of Louisiana mystery

Indiana’s rich history of hickory and rustic furniture-making dates to the late 1800s. While many Indiana hickory furniture manufacturers and lone artisans have come and gone, the demand for rustic hickory furniture is more popular than ever. For the true rustic furniture enthusiast, hickory furnishings and Adirondack & Appalachian-style accessories are viewed as unique art pieces….reminders of simpler times…yet quite functional even in today’s modern world.

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Rocking Chair No. 1, 1860 Production: Thonet, Austria The popularity of the Arts and Crafts movement encouraged the middle and upper classes to regard rocking chairs and other rustic styles of furniture with a new affection during the late 1800s. Despite its industrial ethos, Thonet drew inspiration from Arts and Crafts design in the styling of its products. The company developed its first rocking chair, the Rocking Chair No. 1, in 1860.

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