"Safe" Coupon Web Sites

These are the sites I use for couponing or finding discount codes for discount shopping. You MUST be careful when downloading any coupon application to your computer. There are many phisher sites that advertise on legitimate sites on the side bars which are actually viruses and VERY dangerous! Happy safe shopping.

"Safe" Coupon Web Sites

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Need help getting your coupon binder started? Check out this video PLUS grab these FREE Coupon Binder Printable Pages!

FREE Printable Coupon Binder Pages!!! - Passion for Savings


Whole Foods Coupon web site for printable coupons that can be "stacked" with manufacturer coupons...yay!

Coupons | Whole Foods Market


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173 manufacturers that will send you coupons if you just email them.

Contact These 173 Manufacturers for High Value Coupons!


WRITE THIS DOWN! How to use multiple coupons and combined competitors coupons on a single purchase at Michaels, Hobby Lobby, and Joanne Fabrics... I had NO IDEA you could do this! A crafter's dream

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Free on line printable coupons pulled from many sources on to one web page.

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Not sure the area they do coupon match-ups for but there is a neat coupon database on this web site. They also have some nice coupon links.

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The only coupon match-up site in the Memphis area that I could find. If you have had trouble finding one for your area then mycitymommy.com to see if there is one for you.

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Target Store printable coupon web page.

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A coupon site that gathers links for free printable coupons from other sites and compiles them to find easily.

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If you live in East TN, Atlanta GA area, SC or NC then you... HAVE IT MADE! This is the best ever coupon match-up site I have ever seen. Don't fret though. It still has good uses for other areas like the coupon match-ups for big drug sotre chains that have a surprisingly large number of food items as well as medicines.You may even find that some of the grocery store chains have the same items on sale for which you just may have a coupon for. There are official links on her site that are very helpful as well.

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Free printable coupons.

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One of my favorite place to find discount codes when I shop on-line.

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One of the newest sites I have found for coupons.

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    That is really wonderful. "Safe" couponing is very important because there are so many so-called links that are actually scams, phishers, or virus sites. It is good to have a list of the best and legitimate places to go.

One of the biggest on-line free printable coupon sites. So big that many other "coupon sites" actually link back to this site.

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Another coupon giant distributor. They send out coupons in mailers and in the Sunday papers. Enjoy free on-line printables here.

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This is one of the biggest companies that distributes coupons in the Sunday papers. They also have free on-line printables.

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Hands down my most favorite site to coupon from. I use this system to collect and use my coupons. There are no really good match up sites in my area so I rely on this site's coupon data bank to help me find coupons for the items I need or to print on line coupons.

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