Under Sink Solution: Hang Spray Bottles From Tension Rod — A Thousand Words

Tension rod to hang spray bottles.well, I think I will! I did the tension rod thing and it does well with the spray bottles. now for some organization of the rest of the mess under the sink.


Mason Jar Monday

This Mason Jar Organizer project is a very simple idea to make into storage jars/organizer. Just mason jars, some molding, and a few hardware supplies.

When the kids dont pick up their stuff.. Random Rubbage Box!

Moms Ransom Rubbage Box - Love this idea. If you leave your belongings out after one warning, mom takes it and puts it inside this box and you can't get it back until you draw a job from the envelope and do it!

hang childs artwork

This is not an idea for the house per say, I just liked the idea of having a space for the kids art work n Ikea curtain wire (Dignitet) and office clips display a collection of children's art.


Basement bathroom door for cleaning supplies. Kitchen to basement door for pantry items. Back of girls' door for barbies. Inside girls' closet for shoes. Inside my closet door for belts and scarves. Entry door for shoes, mittens, etc.

DIY Shoe Rack

shoe storage ideas - diy shoe hangers for sandals and flats, AWESOME!

storage frame for kids art.

Lil' Davinci Art Frames lets you display your children's artwork. The 1 front opening allows you to store up to 50 original pieces of artwork. Comes with a single bevel acid-free matt and easily mounts to walls.

string garden

How to Make String Gardens: 7 DIY Options

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