Pj Ford

Pj Ford

NW Arkansas  ·  I'm just a simple country gal who is learning to live frugally and trying to live a more self sufficient lifestyle. Always looking for new ideas.
Pj Ford
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How to Keep Raw Goat's Milk Fresh & Delicious

How to Keep Raw Goat's Milk Fresh & Delicious - If you haven't had fresh raw goat's milk, man, you are missing out! Most people turn up their nose at goat's milk because they assume it tastes pungent and has

10 Medications to keep on hand for goats

A well stocked medical cabinet is a must have when it comes to owning goats. You never know when sickness will hit and what goat medications you will need to fix it. Most supplies have a pretty long shelf life- but even if they only last a year, it is bet

The Terrible Truth About Adorable Baby Goats

I only pinned this because I have a sudden obsession with goats. I want a pigmy goat! I will name it Henry. And it shall be mine. And it shall be my Henry. this is so cute and i just had to keep the original description!