So cute!

Sweet Baby

mama and baby

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I Love My Golden Retriever — golden on the beach

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Gorgeous Golden Retrievers


Meet Ned :)

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Patricia Colburn

Lion cub

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They are gentle giants. Our Heidi was a rescue at 7 mos. She is now 10 and going strong. She is very photogenic with a personality to go along. She makes us laugh everyday!

Minha primeira vez: Adotei um cão! E agora?

Catahoula Leopard Dog

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Makes me smile :-) #dog #pets #animals

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This would be my golden.

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Lion love <3

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Hello: This incredible image of a marine mammal earned Ellen Curlaerts first place in the Freshwater category

The greatest underwater photographs from around the world

2."Rough Collies are sensitive dogs. A firm scolding & you’re given the classic melancholy look -Try fighting the urge to give into that beautiful heartbroken face." The caption for this pic also included “stubborn”, but I've never had a stubborn Collie. Very intelligent & bred to be independent thinkers to handle challenges that could arise while herding flocks, Collies want to please their owners, but can sometimes give you a piece of their mind while doing what you tell them to do :) (gkr...

10 Things Only Rough Collie Owners Would Understand

These dogs who understand the true meaning of friendship.

29 Dogs Who Will Make You Want To Be A Better Person

If it stayed this size forever, never shed any fur, and never licked me, I would have 50 of these! ;)

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Oh it looks just like my little Cinnabun, whom I lost last year. Sweetest little baby!

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Spanish Dancer Jellyfish. . Beautiful!

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Dogs Are a Girl's Best Friend Print // Available at the Pretty Fluffy Print Shop

Dogs Are a Girl's Best Friend - Pretty Fluffy

So true.

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How to make sure no one steals your ball while you nap.

From the Treat Jar (Blog)


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Ahhh *sniff* *sniff*!!! What a wise child…after all, the Word says, "from out of the mouth of babes…"

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