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The internet is studded with information that's fun, useful and just blows your mind but finding it quickly is one job too many so I've had a go at floating the good bits to the top.
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Jonathan Margolis is listening to a £3,159 portable sound system. His wife says that high-end hi-fi is like anti-wrinkle cream: it’s expensive with dubious results. But, compared to some, his set-up is modest. He meets the people for whom hearing is believing

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Miley Cyrus blurred the lines between boy and girl, Angel Haze came out as agender and cross-dressing rapper Young Thug challenged stereotypes. In the first of a three-part series on the musical talking points of 2015, a look at how pop stars are refusing to be pinned down

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Just days after opening its doors, EasyJet founder Sir Stelios Haji-Ioannou’s budget food store, which charges just 25p for essential food items, has been forced to shut temporarily after running out of stock. EasyFoodstore closed on Wednesday afternoon after bargain-hunters, attracted by the low priced food, swamped the supermarket, stripping its shelves bare. The shop is due to reopen on Friday after being re-stocked.

Voice Memos has long been a sort of catchall for iPhone users that want to record anything that makes sound. For musicians the stock iPhone app has been a..

Spotify’s economics man Will Page has estimated that the music rights sector was worth just over $25 billion in 2014, a figure that includes the revenues generated by songs as well as recordings. - See more at:

It's a common worry among parents - the amount of time children spend playing computer games. But those endless hours in front of a screen have paid off for some who have become celebrity gamers competing for huge prizes.

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