I've always loved the mosaic window at many Catholic churchs where I go to. They're a such beauty thing to see. Of course, a lot of details in the art of a colored window.

So sacred. #catholic #traditional

Quaeritur: Can you provide or refer me to a resource that explains the beauty of the Traditional Mass for those who have never experienced it - in a simple and easy-to-understand way? A soft-of Traditional Mass for beginners?

Holy Roman Catholic Faith

Holy Roman Catholic Faith {it's so hard to read but I love the old-fashioned appeal}

Pope John Paul II

John Paul II was Pope during a period in which the Catholic Church's influence declined in developed countries but expanded in the Third World.

St. Maria Goretti

Maria Goretti The Real Face of a Martyr: Saint Maria Goretti The beautiful young girl wearing the head scarf in the middle of this photograph is said to be none other than Saint Maria.