Lol when people live in an imaginary world and think people really care abot them or take the time to check what they are doing...or when pics were taking of them for our pure enjoyment and for no other reason 😂😂😂😂😂😋😋😋 graduation...stairs!


Sometimes but not always.. Kind like .. wanting to be by myself and quietness, then i want to be around people and have an adventure, then it gets to be too much and i need my quiet place! :-D

Actually I'm trying not to be bothered by you. In my silence I can pray, hear God speak, and move on with the day God made whilst remaining joyful in it. Because the problem isn't necessarily you as much as it is satan trying to bother me with you.


Scamperscape: The Epilogue, Freedom is official 277, Text Translation? 481 - Page 103

who ever made this a gif

This 3-Year-Old's Argument For Why He Needs A Cupcake For Dinner Will Make You Smile

I hate posts like this. This kind of "sarcasm" isn't funny. If you had any of these illnesses/disorders you wouldn't be laughing either. People that like these posts are ignorant or plain evil.