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Photos that Speak to Me

Every picture tells a story... but it can be so individual, that each person sees something that can be life changing.

Photos that Speak to Me

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old barn

Barefoot In The Country

Just Plain C O U N T R Y

Milkyway at Jökulsárlón, Iceland. What a beautiful sky for stargazing!

Getting better with age.

Stars over Forrester’s Beach, Australia by Jay Daley

Cute wedding party photo shot.

Stillness and solitude. A thinking time.

Western Cape Lighthouse

Horsetail Falls



I love lighthouses and clipper ships!!

This is what they mean when they advise "don't fool with mother nature.".

Northern California by By Chris Burkard


Dolphins and whales playing

  • Patty Johns
    Patty Johns

    This whale is a Humpback, a baleen whale that doesn't have teeth. Their diet consists of plankton and Kris's that is strained through the baleen and then swallowed. There are documented episodes of play between some marine mammals including dolphins, humpbacks and grays. Toothed whales like the sperm whale and the orca have been known to chase dolphins. The very young, old and injured dolphins sometimes fall prey to orcas. Sharks ( great whites and tigers) also prey on young dolphins and baby whales when possible.

  • Patty Johns
    Patty Johns

    Auto spell irritates me... humpbacks eat krill..

Awwwww.... what a cutie!

Serenity... turn to walk the dog?

There's no place like home...


:) Merry Christmas!


  • Patty Johns
    Patty Johns

    Wouldn't it be nice to be able to erase all the mistakes you've made in life? Although, my erasers would be a more ragged around the edges!