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    Phil Luciano

    Phil Luciano

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    Is it too early to think about Christmas? Not when it comes to Jimmy Binkley.

    Luciano: Keeping Jimmy Binkley's yuletide legacy going

    Tony Karl is a trash collector. Not professionally: he’s just an amateur. Yet it’s no beloved hobby. Rather, for years, he’s had to trudge outside his Peoria home and pick up garbage, over and over and over.

    Luciano: Peoria man's property plagued by chronic littering

    CHILLICOTHE — You know the tale about the tortoise and the hare? In beating the odds, that’s nothing compared to a plucky snapping turtle in Chillicothe.

    Luciano: Chillicothe couple finds snapping turtle impaled by a screwdriver

    What’s the worst place that you’ve ever stayed?

    Luciano: Avoid the bugs and blood stains with a little online travel advice

    Doug Oberhelman, you say you care? Hours after Big Yellow unleashed Black Thursday, you declared that you care. But how much?

    Luciano: Caterpillar CEO Doug Oberhelman should forgo paycheck

    Will the newfangled University-Forrest Hill intersection mimic University-Main?

    Luciano: Will complete-streets make a complete mess of University and Forrest Hill?

    Michelle Cain sees fear. She smiles at strangers. In return, eyes flash fright and feet scoot away.

    Luciano: Cerebral palsy sufferer hopes to change public perceptions about disabilities, and get a van

    Amid today’s high-tech business telecommunications systems, where does the rotary phone rank? No. 1 at George’s Shoeshine & Hatters, whose proprietor has used the same rotary dial phone — held together with electrical tape — for more than a half-century.

    Luciano: Low-tech dependability at George's Shoeshine

    Are you ready for a Fish McGriddle? Maybe a Hashbrown McRib? Or a Wad-O-Chicken? These are just some of the possibilities that come to mind as McDonald’s prepares to launch an all-day breakfast menu.

    Luciano: McDonald's all-day breakfast menu is full of mix 'n match possibilities

    EAST PEORIA — By now, Penny Powell should be getting ready for after-school tutoring and other programs for kids and parents in the Richland Farms neighborhood. Instead, she and her helpers with the Tazewell Community Area Project (TCAP) have been packing supplies and equipment, stacking everything in boxes for storage.

    Luciano: Budget ax falls on cherished community center in East Peoria's Richland Farms

    One Peoria icon returns, another vanishes.

    Luciano: Big John's ribs are coming back, but Sprinkler Lane swans have flown the coop

    “Y’all have enough to eat?” Peorians of a certain age reverently recall that refrain, perhaps with a little drool. It was the signature

    Luciano: The ribs are gone, but Big John's legacy remains

    Like machine-gun fire, the number kept jolting Zach Ziegel. Story after story, the news astounded him: An average of 22 veterans kill themselves every day, a rate more than double that of the general population. This week, after long brainstorming tactics, the Marine veteran attacked the enemy of suicide.

    Luciano: Former Marine reservist launches Buddy Check 22 effort to wish a vet well

    Like a wobbly comet, Willie York has streaked again into the Peoria stratosphere.

    Luciano: Willie York enjoys 'vacation' in Peoria

    A cheerful Lonny Beasley has sweated a lot this week. The 19-year-old has been helping rebirth an old mortuary into an outreach ministry. In that way, he likes helping people and Peoria. The work makes him smile.

    Luciano: Mission Peoria volunteers keep the faith in spite of recent killings

    CHILLICOTHE — To chronicle nature’s beauty, seafaring photographer John Guider has endured a chomping shark, a slapping alligator and treacherous storms.

    Luciano: Boater's heart is his compass, but his river trek stalls in Chillicothe

    With a unprecedented roar, a blast of fire rocketed into the sky, brilliantly signaling the start of Peoria’s most spectacular disaster: the 1935 explosion and blaze at Hiram Walker & Sons Distillery.

    Luciano: Fueled by 6 million gallons of whiskey, distillery fire lit up Peoria 80 years ago

    As reverse-angle parking suddenly joins Peoria’s Traffic Fad of the Month Club, we have two possibilities.

    Luciano: Reverse-angle parking could put Downtown Peoria in reverse

    MORTON — In his seventh decade of cutting hair, Jim Fortman isn’t just a barber: he’s an emcee.

    Luciano: Morton barber wields razor like a microphone

    Rock musicians crave encores, and Craig Moore knows family, friends and fans are cheering for him to get back on stage.

    Luciano: Cardiac arrest sidelines rocker and record shop owner Craig Moore — for now

    Who cheers a baseball player for getting hit by a pitch? Me. Maybe only me.

    Luciano: Sometimes you just have to take one — or more — for the team

    Whither the two Fiskars swans? Since 1995, a pair of white trumpeter swans have become a low-key icon of the Peoria landscape. They rule the roost — well, actually the retention pond — at Fiskars Brands Inc., 1 Sprinkler Lane, on the northwest edge of Peoria, the former site of L.R. Nelson.

    Luciano: Fate of Fiskars feathered friends up in the air

    To continue to honor and serve veterans, all Kay Ingram wants is a closet.

    Luciano: Volunteers feeling the squeeze at VA clinic

    2015 Cardinals, meet the 1919 Black Sox. At least, that's the possible meet-up in the wake of allegations that the Cards hacked another team's database.

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    For most of his 15 years, Demarcus Jackson hadn’t been big on prayer.“I’m not really a church person,” he says. But his view changed a bit the night of June 7. Swept away by a flooded creek and into a raging drainage culvert, he flailed and bobbed for two miles before pulling himself atop a short pipe. Perched there in darkness for 12 hours as floodwater raced below, he screamed for help repeatedly. But no one heard him.

    Luciano: Hope and prayers come through for Peoria teen trapped in floodwaters