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Paul Kronenberger

Paul Kronenberger
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Skyscraping Tower of Abraham Lincoln Books Placed in the lobby of Ford’s Theatre Center for Education and Leadership, the cylindrical structure stands three stories high at approximately 34 feet in.

my new boat :)

Seen an article on "arguably the most influential industrial designer of his generation and the leading exponent of the so-called design-art movement", Marc Newson. Above, his limited edition Aquariva speedboat design at MOCO MR.

my new headphones

Funky headphones that alter the relationship between a person and the noise around them

Glass pill sculptures... nice!

Fantastic glass blown pills by the incomparable Beverly Fishman. Exquisitely beautiful and highly addictive.

love the light

Transparency Grenade By Julian Oliver Captures Network Traffic And Audio At The Site Then Securely And Anonymously Strea.

lets play tennis.

The world's largest dodgeball game with competitors took place last week at the University of Alberta.