Picasso, Constellation drawings, 1924.

Stuff and Nonsense: Pablo Picasso – Constellation drawings.

Reference guide for drawing the platonic solids love for geometry

Maria Lamar

Maria Lamar

Love hand drawn card

budduh, Heart Lace Card, J & B the Shop

Agnes Martin, On a Clear Day

On a Clear Day, Artwork by Agnes Martin, 1973

Emma Lewis

berndwuersching: “ Emma Lewis photocopy, pastel and ink ”

Beau Ideal Letter Cards

Beau Ideal Editions makes custom stationery, including these note cards for events and corporate gifts. Photo: Courtesy of Beau Ideal Editions

Hand drawn card by Hartland Brooklyn Card Co.

Hand drawn card by Hartland Brooklyn Card Co.

Toba Khedoori

Toba Khedoori- Drawings/etchings/paintings/encaustic paper explorations are a big influence on my drawings these day. I love how her older drawings embed physical evidence of time and space through the sealed particles of dust and detritus.

Laura Ferrara

Laura Ferrara

Tammi Campbell

Idea for round pin shape Tammi Campbell