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Fun stuff about DSLRs that shoot video (also called HDSLRs) - this is a 'Group board' with "team coverage" so there are contributions from around the planet. Let me know if you want to help pin.


Another client featured on upViral Case Study | giveawayRocket

So proud to share this case study from the upViral team featuring one of the campaigns of one of my

Winner Announcement! FUJIFILM, Shimoda, and Saramonic Jan 2020 giveaway winners | planet5D curated digital image news

Announcing our giveaway winners! Special thanks to FUJIFILM, Shimoda, and Saramonic for this amazing offer. Congratulations to our Winners! The Grand Prize winner which is the FUJIFILM X-Pro3, Black with ...

New WIN Planning training - It is all about the offer! | giveawayRocket

FIRST TIME OFFERED! The #1 struggle every business says they have is getting 🎯 targeted leads.

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FUJIFILM Shimoda and Saramonic GIVEAWAY! | planet5D curated digital image news

FUJIFILM IS BACK! 3 CHANCES TO WIN FUJIFILM X-Series and MORE! NOTE: USA ONLY ENTER NOW We (FUJIFILM) are giving away three X-Series cameras! 3 Chances to Win: 1 Random ...

Live in New Mexico? Netflix is Crushing Film Production There | planet5D curated digital image news

Film production moving to New Mexico for Netflix after purchase of studio there.

Add Confetti to your contest for more fun | giveawayRocket

I'm looking for ways to make my contests a bit more fun for everyone involved. We want to be engaging and

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EOS Canon EOS C500 Mark II Storms on to the Professional Video Market | planet5D curated digital image news

Canon adds the EOS Canon EOS C500 Mark II — that's exciting news out today! Preorder the Canon Cinema EOS C500 Mark II at B&H Expected availability: Dec 2019 ...

Ultimate Travel Filmmaker Giveaway!

Ultimate Travel Filmmaker Giveaway!

Ultimate Travel Filmmaker Giveaway!

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the 5DayDeal Video Creator's Bundle is HERE! | planet5D curated digital image news

5DayDeal has returned with their Video Creators Bundle for 2019, another collection of great learning tools at steep discounts. The short version is: you get nearly $2000 in video tutorials, ...

It is all about story | planet5D curated digital image news

Really. The only thing in marketing, or filmmaking, or just about any business, that is important it seems to me is the story. I'm reminded of story this morning because ...

I miss you | giveawayRocket

Oh, it was about a month and a half ago I told you I was going to be consistent and publish something cool

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USA ONLY: Enter to WIN! We're giving away 3 Fujifilm X-T30 mirrorless cameras! Valued over $3400!

#contest #giveaway #entertowin #fujifilmx_us #fujifilmxt30 #buildyourlegacy

Breaking the 2 page upViral funnel curse | giveawayRocket

Bryan Austin was determined to create a funnel that was longer than just 2 pages... which is the only way

Rant: why so much camera hate? | planet5D curated digital image news

Was reading the comments on this canonrumors post about the possibility of a new Canon mirrorless with 70mp sensor. Carl: Canon can't get 30 or 52 MP right, so how ...

Free Soloing El Capitan - A bit about how they filmed it | planet5D curated digital image news

This is fun! I suspect that many of you have seen the previews for “Free Solo” or maybe you've seen the movie? I haven't yet seen it but i'm fascinated ...

Canon EOS RP - Curated Coverage | planet5D curated digital image news

Canon updates their new mirrorless line with the Canon EOS RP and several new lenses. This is a pretty serious camera tho of course the usual trolls and specFanatics are ...