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a method for posting hand curated news to your social media for free using quuu, buffer, and start a fire web apps New Tricks, Lessons Learned, Fill, Social Media, Thoughts, Learning, Business, Store, Social Networks


a method for posting hand curated news to your social media for free using quuu, buffer, and start a fire web apps

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Let’s not get caught up in whether each of these are true startups, growth-stage companies or unicorns (there’s a bit of all three in the list). The point is that these are new names to the masses and managed to cut through and have big years.

 Is inbound marketing worthwhile? Inbound Marketing, New Tricks, Learning, Business, Store, Business Illustration, Study, Teaching, Studying


What do you choose to do? Is inbound marketing worthwhile? Should it be part of your plan?

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I’ve been learning a lot lately (and at 58 you’d think I would have learned a lot more – but we all have to start somewhere!). This video has opened my eyes to many things – and the cool thing is that it totally relates to many of the things I’ve learned in the last 2 years. AND! I believe it ... Read More

This article details the various types of school newspaper articles you can write. It provides ideas and links to how-to articles on how to write for a school newspaper. School Newspaper, Summer Skin, Goods And Services, Seo Services, Press Release, Business News, New Job, Content Marketing, Marketing Companies


This morning I couldn’t sleep, was up at 4:30 and was lying in bed trying to find a way to distract my already crazy busy brain. So I did the wrong thing (i knew it was wrong but I did it anyway!), I opened Facebook. I found a sponsored post at the top of my feed – a guy trying ... Read More

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Trying to read a book a week, work, and start two businesses is hard. I want to apologize for not having a book review yesterday. Maybe you noticed and maybe you didn’t, but I noticed and I feel bad about it. It was a commitment that I made and I did not follow through this week. That leads me to ... Read More

Here is one of Garth Brooks. One of the best Country singers in my opinion. One of his concerts is truly a must see. Garth Brooks Circle G My Best Friend, Best Friends, Reba Mcentire, Garth Brooks, New Tricks, My Love, Business, Fan, Country Singers

Master these skills for your best performance. - SmartBusinessPlanet - Start your business the smart way

What makes an amazing performance for a singer is the same for any performer. By performer I mean anyone with an audience. Whether you are a speaker or a teacher, a business professional or a street performer, characteristics are the same. A good performance is a good performance. It’s not just the lights, smoke, streamers, or pyrotechnics, it is how ... Read More

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It all started with an invite to get a passport and a machete. That’s where my virtual connection with Jon Acuff began. He sent out a rally cry for his “Start Experiment.” That experiment led to some amazing online communities, a super fun conference, and this book. I am a huge fan of Jon Acuff. It’s not just his full ... Read More

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Where will you go from here? What’s next? Every business needs to plan for success. What is your plan? How will you grow from here? What does growth look like for your business? What is your plan for taking things to the next level? Knowing what will come next is extremely important for your business. When you start, have a ... Read More

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When you get that first new place, you know the one, your first home or apartment? The moment you walk into that empty living room, you begin to imagine where you are going to put the TV. You look around searching for the best angle to place your thrown. Will the couch fit along that wall? It has to. This ... Read More

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Stories and specific examples of actual TED talks litter the entire book. I found it enjoyable. I was able to reference actual talks that I had seen or look them up later when I took a break. In doing this, I found it easier to remember what the author was talking about. He spoke a lot about finding your voice. ... Read More

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What is your marketing plan? Do you have one? As business owners, we need to have a plan to get people who will actually buy what we are selling. So, what’s your plan? What is your platform? Are you using Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, T.V. or radio commercials, newspaper ads? Whatever it is, you have to be aware of where ... Read More

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My biggest daily challenge has impacted me since I was a kid… I’m horrible at focussing and planning. It came up every year on my annual review at the office – every year. And every year, I told my boss that I would get better. But I’m not sure I have. You see, yesterday, I spent the day with 30 windows open on my computer and every now ... Read More

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It is my hopes that these weekly lessons are somewhat helpful to you. I am learning it all the hard way, so hopefully, this gives you food for thought and maybe you can avoid some of my mistakes. Starting out, I had huge hopes. Going through the daily muck of it all, gets a little overwhelming. This week, life is ... Read More

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[Review] Zero to One by Peter Thiel - SmartBusinessPlanet - Start your business the smart way

“Doing what we already know how to do, takes the world from one to n. Every time we create something new, we go from zero to one.” ZeroToOne is filled with interesting facts. Peter Thiel discusses in depth the importance of building companies that create something new. Thiel covers the importance of innovation and entrepreneurship, but feels that it can ... Read More