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Plastics Make it Possible

Plastics Make it Possible

Plastics Make it Possible® highlights the many ways plastics inspire innovations that improve our lives, solve big problems and help us design a safer, more pro

A sustainable solution to keeping your jewelry organized and avoiding clutter. Save manufacturing costs, energy, and pollution by printing your organization tools in your own home.

#3DThursday - printed decor for Valentine's Day making holidays sustainable and recyclable with plastics.

Intricacies made possible by plastics. Take a look at this bracelet printed with ABS plastics for #3DThursday!

You can keep up with the latest trends and recycled old ones with plastics. Check out this plastic bracelet printed with our 3D printer!

3D Plastic Bracelet printed with a 3D Printer

3D-Printed Plastic Caps Recycled To Create New Vase

3D printed plastic dove bookmark

3D printing plastic records.