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Is foot or ankle pain affecting your life? Whether you have heel pain, bunions, a sports injury or need custom orthotics we can help. Remember, you don't have t

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Choosing the Right Shoe for Any Type of Exercise

This infographic with Greatist will help you pick the right exercise shoes for every exercise occasion. When you go from running to lifting or biking to basketball, you shouldn't just have one type of exercise shoe.

Back Pain? Check your feet!

Back Pain? Fab infographic to explain how orthotics & physio combined can help you. Check out our Gaitscan custom made orthotics at goPhysio.

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Anonymous says: Love the personal service and attention I receive when I come here.

Visual Guide To The Benefits Of Walking | The Blog

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How high heels affect wearers and what to do about it. #shoes #footpain

High heels and why some women experiencing foot pain say “the HEEL with it!” - If only those women had a Heelho Insole!

What are your roots?

Different roots… Interesting. I have to admit that I thought as a child that my feet were deformed because most people I knew (and most shoes were shaped for) Roman or Greek feet. However, now I see that I have Egyptian roots.

Feet moving forward...

Kitty Wisdom: Keep your eyes open and your feet moving forward. You'll find what you need.

50 reasons to exercise

50 reasons to exercise. So the next time you make an excuse for why you aren't moving - there will be 50 reasons you can give yourself for why you SHOULD!

This is the way I walk after I've been to the podiatrist.

Cat Walking Like A Boss ---- funny pictures hilarious jokes meme humor walmart fails Mine and R's walk when we walk into a party lol

We provide laser treatment in our office!

Austin Foot and Ankle Specialists offer MLS Laser Therapy

Custom orthotics may be more expensive than off-the-shelf shoe inserts, but they last much longer and are considerably more effective in treating your foot condition.

Clinically tested and proven to relieve heel pain, Plantar Fasciitis Orthotic Supports are the key to walking in comfort. These firm arch supports transfer pres